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Gilded Enmity turns character invisible upon expiring.






(This log file's getting pretty huge; 48mb FTW)


Not sure about the repro steps, unfortunately, as I could not pinpoint the root cause.


Load the attached saved game.

Observe one of the characters is a male dwarf Goldpact Knight/Sould Blade.

Leave the area as no more encounters are left where you are; reach an area where you can enter a fight.

Enter the fight and use the ability Sworn Enemy from the dwarven character.


If you don't lose your gilded coating by the end of combat, when combat ends the dwarf should become completely invisible. You'll still see the character model in the inventory screen, but not in-game. Unequipping and re-requipping the armor will make the model reappear.


I've had this happen to me in two different combat scenarios, so it's probably not a one-off.

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