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Carnage Accuracy - A clarification?



It seems that Carnage attacks do not benefit from the Weapon Focus skill, nor do they benefit from a weapon's enchantment bonus:






Is this intended?


If so, the UI does not communicate it in any way. Never have I read anywhere that Weapon Focus would not apply to my Carnage attacks, or that a weapon's enchantment wouldn't contribute to their Accuracy.


I understand Carnage is supposed to have lower Accuracy than normal attacks, and Accurate Carnage exists to partially make up for it. However, in the first game this was accomplished via a flat -10 penalty on Carnage attacks; Weapon Focus and weapon enchantment still applied.


This way, the penalty is harsher as your weapons can bestow more than 10 points of Accuracy that you end up missing out on—and I see no reason why Weapon Focus shouldn't apply.



EDIT: Also not sure why the Devoted's penetration isn't applied but Tenacious is? I reckon penetration doesn't factor in at all because it's Raw damage anyway, so probably both should be "Conditional" in this case.


How is the Raw damage calculated? Is it a percentage of damage dealt? If so, what percentage is it?

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Your attack did 47.6 damage and Carnage did 6.8 damage. That is exactly 1/7th of your base damage, no rounding required. Getting an exact number looks too convenient to be some sort of odd random occurrence.


My theory is that Carnage does 1/7th of the modified base attack ignoring any penetration effects but does count critical effects.

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