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I've no access to the Beta myself, so i can't really check that out, buuuuuuut something's been nagging me for quite some time.


In Pillars 1, there was this very annoying thing (at least annoying for me), in that every time you put on a hat, your character would become bald (not a problem if you're playing a bald character though). I guess it was bearable for the most part, but only due to the camera being so far way and the fact that you only really saw your character model up-close on level up screens, but in Pillars 2 there seems a lot more occasions at which you see your character up-close and the models themselves are much more detailed, which would probably lead to them becoming bald much more jarring.


I mean, i'm not asking for every single hair-style to have a unique model when wearing hats, but just having a few alternative models to the pure bald head would go a long way.
Heck, simply adding a texture to the bald head, to make it look like short hair, which would work for pretty much every single short-hairstyle and for the long-hairstyles, one could add a simple ponytail that wouldn't clip with the hats in addition to the textured head.


I don't think i'm asking for much, am I?  :lol:

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There's been some discussion about this before, and currently, the official response is that it might happen but it requires a lot of work to do right. To quote Q&A 6:



Speaking of hair, if I recall correctly, you were looking into making long hair show when wearing helmets, as opposed to a character suddenly balding up when wearing one in Pillars. Did you succeed? What's the main challenge in this process?


DB: So, it has not been implemented yet. We're still going to try. It's at this point probably a "B" feature...unless Josh says it's not. There's all kinds of programming issues with it, and stuff clipping with different helms, different armor outfits. It's a good challenge. But it's not something we cannot do. We wanted to do it for Eternity 1 also, but...


JS: I will say, 'cause we've done it in other games, like we did it in Neverwinter 2, and the challenge really—outside of the programming stuff—is that there are lots of different shapes of hairs, and there are lots of different shapes of hats and helmets. The way in which those things interact can vary a huge amount. It's very hard to make one, like, "Oh, just this way, we'll cut the hair here and it will work on all these helms or hats". That's not...usually we need to do some sort of piecemeal, different sections turn off for different hats, and the different hats have to be marked to turn those things off, and that's —


DB: It kind of opens up a lot of opportunities for bugs, which we try and avoid, and if we have bugs we have to fix them. So, it's not simple, but it's not not doable.


JS: We've done it before. It's just a lot of work.


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Yeah, from I understand making hair work with hats is simply a lot of work. Doesn't change the fact that it would be very welcome to have. 

Creating special hair for hats (so not exactly making hair work with helmets) sounds like a good middle ground, but considering how many hats there are it might be also a lot of work. 

Its a top-down RPG so its not a biggie, but would be very welcome.

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