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Trials of Durance Quest Bug



Hey people. I know this quest has a long history of being glitchy.

I'm stuck at quest ID 10002: "I had a dream about Durance. My eyes seemed unable to focus on him, and a blinding light burst from his staff. Something about the dream seemed all too real - as though something in his soul was revealing itself to me. I should ask him what I saw."

No matter how many times I talk to Durance, the quest won't progress. I've rested a billion times with him in the party. I've talked through hundreds of choices about the "staff", "my visions", "Ashfall", "Godhammer" and whatnot. I have talked to the gods at the Court of Stars.

I'm currently progressing through the expasion pack's content before finishing the game. The in game clock says its Day 179. Durance's quest was last updated day 28.

Does anyone know of a solution to make this quest work? Can I "debug" it somehow, via a "console command" or something like that? From what I have gathered, this quest is very close the to the main storyline, and I would like to experience it in game.

Thank you for your attention!

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