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Would it be possible to enable physical tiers backing via the Deadfire Backer Portal?

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Back in late August I found out that PoE II was going to be made, with the Fig campaign being already over and the last chance to back via Obsidian's own Deadfire Backer Portal.

However s--- critical failure happens.

My fault for not being able to act in time, but IRL has its things.


The Deadfire Backer Portal is still open for the digital rewards... but where is the love in that? :(



I'm probably barking up a dead horse here, but is there any chance to enable backing the physical rewards tier until Christmas?

I'd interested in the Signed Elite Collector's tier with the Pillars II DLC add-on.


And would gladly pay a premium for it, as it would be fair.

(I'm going to pay a premium anyway, either here or on eBay... would rather pay it here then)




Christmas spirit anyone?



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Sorry for the nag... but maybe you @Mikey Dowling (being a PR manager and all) can help and give a hand or a voice (ask the right people) in solving this tragedy, and bring the Christmas spirit back(er).



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When all hope was lost an hero came forth and re-opened the pledging season for physical tiers :)


My new badge! Check it! :)


Thanks everyone!

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