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Now I wonder if it is possible to run that build on companion, Serafen in particular as he can get barb+cipher class.


Is there a list of what starting stats companion get ? I could only find a list of classes they can choose from

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honestly i wanted to go goldpact-troubadour for a suppoert-tank...which would work fine, at the same time youre probably not doing a lot of damage... right now im really unsure... berserker-paladin sounds really interesting and like it could do a lot of damage...really torn

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Oh sweet old Afghanistan, been 8 years since I was there last, how is it? Still hot and full of ****?


as for the high level abilities, neither class have any that seem to enhance what this combination does...
They both got good and interesting abilities, but they are more rooted in the stereotypical version of the 2 classes...
Barbarian does a little more damage in different ways and Paladin heals and becomes unkillable...


did an aproximate build of both (very theoretical since I don't have backer beta) and of the combo and honestly I didn't really miss any of the level 8 or 9 abilities all that much...

anyways, have fun down there and remember to duck anytime you ain't sure what someone shouted at you ;P

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