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“Scorpions are nature’s way of saying, ‘Screw you! I’m gonna combine lobsters, spiders, wasps and nightmares!’”


This build provides a tanky Rogue, who also has high single target damage and produces his own status effects through the Stun on crit version of Cladhalíath. Dexterity and Intellect have been pitched so that you can keep an enemy permanently stunned so long as you score a hit on the Stun vs. Fortitude roll that results from a melee crit. In this way, you can have high damage against a single target – while simultaneously disabling other enemies through periodic Riposte stuns as well, giving this build a nice offensive-defensive balance. Hopefully this should subvert the idea a Rogue is a weak class, with defences that are comparable to other solo tank builds but compared to some a great deal more damage.


While the Yellow Flash build also uses Riposte mechanics to great effect, it seems more pitched towards the classic tank style of grinding enemies down with a wounding weapon rather than aiming for high single target damage. The Flaming Porcupine build seems to be much of the same idea as this build, but seems to have weaker defences and a slightly different focus (use of a two-handed weapon for one). As such, I think this build is distinct enough to warrant its own write-up.


Why the name the Sprightly Scorpion? Because scorpions are well protected and defensive, Cladhalíath provides a stunning sting, and it’s sprightly because its attacks are fast enough to chain Stun. And because I said so!


I will say this build is ENTIRELY UNTESTED (apart from the Stun-locking mechanics, which I've just had a play with, making sure the Stun-locking works). I hope to get around to testing it soonish (after Christmas maybe) but currently lack the time. I’ll update the build when or/if I finish testing it (or if one of you kind people do first), however I don’t anticipate their being any problems in terms of solo viability with the build. Without further ado…





The Sprightly Scorpion


Difficulty: Untested, but will test on expert PotD solo, no respec, with full upscaling


Class: Rogue


Race: Wild Orlan


Background: Old Valia (Colonist)


Starting Attributes:


MIG: 17

CON: 15

DEX: 10

PER: 5

INT: 19

RES: 12


Final Attributes:


MIG: 21 (Gift from the Machine, Garodh’s Chorus)

CON: 16 (Rymrgand’s Boon)

DEX: 14 (Viettro’s Formal Footware)

PER: 8 (Elryn’s Jacket, Song of the Heavens)

INT: 26 (Gwyn’s Band of Union, Forum resting bonus)

RES: 16 (Siegebreaker’s Gauntlets)



Important skills:


Survival 16, Lore 9, Mechanics 5 (boostable to 10).


This gives third stage survival accuracy bonus for +20 accuracy against anything but kith, as well as access to things like Scrolls of Confusion and Paralysis in tougher fights.


Skill point allocation:




Survival: 11 points investment, at 66 points cost. Modifiers: +1 (Rymyrgand’s Boon), +2 (temporary from Jack of the Wide Waters), +2 (Colonist background). 16 total.


Lore: 6 points investment, at 21 points cost. Early game modifiers: +2 (Rundl’s Finery), +2 (Library resting bonus). 10 early game total, for scrolls of Prayer Against Imprisonment against WM part I lagufaeth. Late game modifiers: Viettro’s Formal Footware (+3). 9 Late game total.


Mechanics: 2 point investment, 3 points cost. Possible modifiers: +2 (Gloves of Manipulation), +2 (Artificer’s Hall resting bonus), +2 (Rogue), +1 (Dungeon Delver), +1 (Gjefa’s boon). 10 total, 13 with Rite of Hidden Wonders.





Abilities and Talents:




1 – Crippling Strike

3 – Reckless Assault

5 – Deep Wounds

7 – Dirty Fighting

9 – Adept Evasion

11 – Riposte

13 – Deathblows

15 – Withering Strike




2 – Veteran’s Recovery

4 – Weapon and Shield Style

6 – Weapon Focus Peasant

8 – Vicious Fighting

10 – Wound Binding

12 – Deep Pockets

14 – Superior Deflection

16 – Deflecting Assault


Quest Talents:


Blooded Hunter

Dozen’s Luck

Dungeon Delver

Gift from the Machine

Rymyrgand’s Boon

Song of the Heavens


The Merciless Hand



Weapons and Equipment (listing only new enchantments):


Weapon set 1: Cladhalíath (Stunning, Vicious, Superb, Durgan-Refined, Freezing Lash) and Badgradr’s Barricade (Superb, Durgan-Reinforced)

Weapon Set 2: Alternate Stunning or Overbearing weapon, Little Saviour (Durgan-Reinforced, Legendary)

Armor: Elryn’s Jacket (Legendary, Durgan-Reinforced)

Neck: Cape of the Master Mystic

Belt: Looped Rope

Rings: Gwyn’s Band of Union and Ring of Protection

Hands: Siegebreaker Gauntlets

Head: Garodh’s Chorus (Retaliation)

Feet: Viettro’s Formal Footwear



Weapon accuracy and defenses:


Cladhalíath accuracy 100


Def/Ref/Fort/Will 110/108/108/118






Base accuracy: 30 + 45 = 75

Accuracy modifiers: + 12 (Superb) + 8 (Reckless Assault) -2 (Perception) + 5 (Spear bonus) + 6 (Weapon Focus Peasant) – 4 (Badgradr’s Barricade)

Total weapon accuracy = 75 + 25 = 100


Base level 16 Deflection: 15 + 45 = 60

Deflection modifiers: + 12 (Cape of the Master Mystic) - 3 (Deflecting Reckless Assault) + 30 (Weapon and Shield Style Superb Badgradr’s Barricade) + 6 (Resolve) + 5 (Superior Deflection)

Total Deflection = 60 + 50 = 110


Base level 16 Reflex, Fortitude and Will: 20 + 45 = 65


Reflex modifiers: +9 (Ring of Protection) + 30 (Weapon and Shield Style Superb Badgradr’s Barricade) + 4 (Perception and Dexterity)

Total Reflex = 65 + 43 = 108


Fortitude modifiers: +9 (Ring of Protection) + 34 (Might and Constitution)

Total Fortitude = 65 + 45 = 108


Will modifiers: +9 (Ring of Protection) + 44 (Intellect and Resolve)

Total Will = 65 + 53 = 118




Buffed defenses:


Def/Ref/Fort/Will 160/168/170/148






Deflection: + 25 (Llengrath’s Displaced Image) + 20 (Scroll of Defense) + 3 (Dragon Meat Dish Resolve) + 2 (Golden Whale Resolve resting bonus)

Buffed Deflection total: 110 + 50 = 160


Reflex: + 20 (Llengrath’s Displaced Image) + 20 (Scroll of Defense) + 8 (Mind Grub Perception) + 4 (Sweet Rautai Pie Dexterity) + 4 (Golden Whale Dexterity resting bonus) + 8 (Mantle of the Excavator Perception) - 4 (Elryn’s Jacket unequipped)

Buffed Reflex total: 108 + 60 = 168


Fortitude: +20 (Scroll of Defense) + 8 (Iron Circle Constitution) + 8 (Lyrinia’s Boon Might and Constitution) + 8 (Golden Whale Might and Con Resting bonus) - 6 (no Training Grounds bonus) + 5 (Wit Der Jerky Fortitude) +4 (Pearlwood Chicken Constitution) + 6 (Dragon Meat Dish Might) + 9 (Helsman’s Uniform Fortitude difference)

Buffed Fortitude total: 108 + 62 = 170


Will: +20 (Scroll of Defense) + 6 (Dragon Meat Dish Resolve) + 8 (Mind Grub Intellect) -8 (unequipped Gwyn’s Band of Union for Iron Circle) + 4 (Golden Whale resting bonus)

Buffed Will total: 118 + 30 = 148


Or with +2 Perception Blackwarden’s Breast plus Cape of the Master Mystic, which you’ll likely use for dragons:


Fortitude = 161, Reflex 166





Playstyle overview:


Using Cladhalíath, every crit on an enemy triggers a Stun vs. Fortitude roll. Stun itself gives a -30 Deflection debuff, meaning that once an enemy is stunned crits against that enemy should occur extremely frequently (with the Deflection debuff, but also with 40% hit-to-crit conversion from Vicious/Dirty Fighting and Durgan-Reinforcement). This provides more Stun vs. Fortitude rolls, which so long as they result in a hit themselves will result in the enemy being permanently stunned with the 14 Dex 15 Int combo. Cladhalíath itself can also be made Vicious as the second enchantment, dealing an extra 20% damage to stunned enemies.


With a permanent Stun effect, triggering criteria for Deathblows becomes trivial. Both Withering Strike and Sever the Soul themselves debuff Fortitude through the Weakened affliction, meaning you will easily trigger both Stun and Weakened in a single attack opening up Deathblows. Crippling Strike and Figurine flanking, as well as occasional Eyestrikes from Elryn’s Jacket, give enough other means for you to get Deathblows easily in a single encounter.


With the previously mentioned massive -30 Deflection debuff from Stun, Badgradr’s Barricade also really starts to shine, with every Bash crit resulting in a Thrust of the Tattered Veils, which itself targets the massively debuffed Deflection and is effected by Deathblows. This combination of effects against a stunned enemy gives you great single target damage, while also being defensively bulky.


Riposte, Retaliation and Deep Wounds provide an excellent means of crowd control. Riposte itself gives free attacks to surrounding melee enemies on misses and grazes, made viable by the build’s good Deflection, giving you a chance to Stun these enemies with Cladhalíath for a few of seconds. As these enemies are entirely immobile during this time, this reduces the overall damage you’ll take from a melee group, making it an indirect defensive maneuver. Deep Wounds and Retaliation ensure that all melee enemies are constantly taking some raw damage, making them much weaker when you get around to targeting them specifically.


Eyestrike from Elryn’s Jacket has nice synergy with Riposte, Retaliation and Deep Wounds as essentially melee enemies are always at risk of something (miss/graze -> Riposte chance, hit/crit -> Eyestrike chance, all the while taking Deep Wounds raw damage and Retaliation hits). When an enemy has been blinded, their accuracy debuff means that they’ll now tend towards more misses and grazes, and as such trigger even more Ripostes.


For spellcasters, the extremely strong Adept Evasion (75% reflex grazes to misses, 50% reflex hits to grazes) coupled to your reasonable Reflex score means their attacks really aren’t much of a concern. When you couple this to the 20% spell reflection from Durgan-Reinforced Badgradr’s Barricade, and the chance they also have of suffering Eyestrike, they can be comfortably left until the end of combat when you’ve dealt with the melee enemies.


Hopefully this rundown should have given you an idea of the build’s high damage, coupled to some great defenses that marry some of the best qualities of a Rogue and a tank.



I’ve provided a few other little sections below, for anyone interested…


Attribute score choice:




The attribute scores are important for the build, so I’ve dedicated an entire section to explain the details. Here’s the rundown:


Might 21 – Causes 4 damage Deep Wounds, which is a nice mark to hit, and will grind down anyone attacking you hand-to-hand due to Retaliation. Using the resting bonus to achieve this number is useful, as you can use those points elsewhere early game for things like Intellect.


Con 16 – Produces greater than 300 endurance end game with Gift from the Machine, which is a good benchmark to hit for any kind of tank. Rogues are very fragile in terms of their health and endurance, so if you’re going for a tank Rogue some Con is vital.


Dex 14 and Int 26 – With fully Durganized gear (Cladhalíath, Elryn’s Jacket, Badgradr’s Barricade) a Dex of 14 and Int of 26 each will allow you to chain the Stun effect of Cladhalíath so long as score a hit on the Stun vs. Fortitude roll itself. While possibly a different break of Dex and Int could be worked out to still allow for this chaining, very high Int is desirable to give extremely long durations for the Strike abilities, and also to favour long durations for Scrolls and Veteran's Recovery.


Per 8 – While a Perception of 8 may look odd on a melee focussed build, with a Superb Cladhalíath you still hit 100 accuracy, which is buffable to 120 against a specific creature type with the Survival resting bonus. I’d say considering a shield is used this is a reasonably impressive accuracy score, and when you factor in a 40% hit to crit conversion from the weapon being Durganized and having Dirty plus Vicious Fighting the stun-locking is insane (with Potions of Merciless Gaze moving this up to a 55% hit to crit conversion).


Res 16 – With the gear and the talents produces a Deflection of 110 at level 16, which is 15 higher than an Ondrite Tidal Fist’s accuracy for reference. As you get the greatest chance for Riposte on a graze rather than a miss, this seems adequate for what we’re after – you don’t want Deflection too high, just reasonable.




Race and equipment choices, damage calcs:




The build is in most ways a tank, Wild Orlans are pretty much the best tanks for solo. Other races can be chosen, but I think on the whole they aren’t as good an option and really Rogues need every extra ounce of defense they can get. Godlikes are a no-no – Garodh’s Chorus is by far the easiest ways to squeeze a Retaliation item onto the build, important for spreading Deep Wounds, and so a Godlike really doesn’t cut it.


Cladhalíath has already been discussed, but to look at the damage it’ll dish out in a little more detail, you have:


+ 50% Sneak Attack

+ 20% Reckless Assault

+ 25% Freezing Lash

+ 20% Vicious

+ 45% Superb

+ 33% Might

+ 100% Deathblows


This gives + 293% damage total, giving you 43-63 damage from the base 11-16 spear base. With a bonus 0.7 crit damage multiplier (Dungeon Delver, Durgan-Refined, The Merciless Hand), for 1.2 with the base 0.5, crits should deal in the range of 95-139 – which is pretty damn good seeing as you should put that damage out consistently.


The synergy of Badgradr’s Barricade, Retaliation from Garodh’s Chorus and Elryn’s Jacket is already pretty well covered in the playstyle overview section. Cape of the Master Mystic, Looped Rope, Ring of Protection and Siegebreaker Gauntlets are all there to boost defenses, while Gwyn’s Band of Union and Viettro’s Formal Footware let you reach the numbers necessary for Stun chaining.




Talent and ability choices:




Reckless Assault, Weapon Focus Peasant, plus Vicious and Dirty Fighting give great accuracy along with solid hit-to-crit conversion to keep your damage up. While Reckless Assault may seem strange on a defensive build due to the Deflection penalty, both the accuracy and damage it provides are well worth the cost.


Superior Deflection, Weapon and Shield Style, Deflecting Assault and Adept Evasion give you solid defenses – with Adept Evasion in particular making you ludicrously hard to hit with most spells.


Deathblows and Reckless Assault help to increase damage, with Crippling Strike and Withering Strike (along with Sever the Soul) providing opportunities to get Deathblows in play as previously mentioned.


Riposte gives you extra zero recovery attacks, which should trigger reasonably often with your modest Deflection (as mentioned previously, you don’t want Deflection too high as Riposte triggers most frequently on grazes and not misses). Riposte provides that all important chance to spread Stun to other enemies, immobilizing them and stopping them doing further damage to you for a few seconds.


Veteran’s Recovery provides some passive healing, making the build much more survivable early game (this can be respec-ed out later if you choose to). Wound Binding was chosen to give the Rogue a much needed larger health pool, as health at 4 x endurance is extremely poor for a tank.


Lastly, Deep Pockets was chosen adequately allow for scroll and potion spamming in big fights, but can also be used for more figurines or things like Potion of Merciless Gaze for 55% hit-to-crit conversion.


I did think about things like Envenomed Strikes, but to be honest the damage the build already puts out I would think should make it largely unnecessary. Cautious Attack offers more Deflection, but requires more investiture in Intellect and Dexterity to still be able to chain stuns, so going for higher Resolve and forgoing Cautious Attack seemed like the better option.




Early game equipment:




There’s only one piece of equipment that really matters early game, and that’s Hiro’s Mantle. You’ll want to rest spam to get Azzurro’s encounter, and then patiently wait for him to show up with the Mantle. This is all tedious, but Deep Wounds Retaliation is a godsend for the build, and should tide you over easily until you get Cladhalíath early act III. You can of course use Sura’s Supper Plate instead, but the build does hurt from the last of a bash attack (which gives you two opportunities to proc an affliction on one of your Strike abilities) – so I’d highly recommend Hiro’s Mantle with something like Larder Door up until act 3 (possibly a hatchet as well, for more Deflection and because they benefit from Weapon Focus Peasant).


When you get Cladhalíath, you won't be able to Stun-chain with it until it's Durganized on Stun hit rolls, however you can on Stun crit rolls.




Big boss advice:




Only the Alpine Dragon is immune to Stun, and with Blackwarden’s Breast plus the Survival beast accuracy bonus you can hit an accuracy of 135, hopefully letting you Stun chain on even the meanest of dragons. Using the defense buffs I listed above, you should have an appropriate defense to tackle the big bosses. For the Alpine Dragon, I guess you could try Wē Toki as the dragon is only resistant and not immune to Prone.




Pairing for party play:




You’re stunning all the time, which annihilates an enemy’s Reflex. Something that can easily exploit this shortfall (spellcaster, whatever) is probably the best sort of partner for the build.


You can also think about removing some of the Talents more specific to solo play, e.g. get rid of Wound Binding for something like Penetrating Shot – which makes your continual Thrust of the Tattered Veils even beefier.






And that’s that! I hope you’ve enjoyed the build, and even if it isn’t playtested I think it’d be worth a try. If anyone manages to give it a playtest before me, let me know and I’ll update the build with your findings. Have a nice day!


EDIT: Re-tested Cladhalíath, and found the previous attributes I listed to be way off. The new set work fine to chain Stun on Stun roll hits.

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Yeah it should be pretty strong. Deep Wounds Rogues with any Retaliation always boss Act II, and then you get Cladhalíath right away in Act III. It's probably worth switching out Elryn's Jacket in the long term for one of the new Deadfire jackets as the defences are too good to pass up (so long as they retain those +20 Def/+20 Ref/Fort/Will denfenses).


This build should be solid as is, but I'll probably try and play-test a new (and hopefully better) variant I'm cooking up over this specific one. I'll need to iron out more details, but I'll update once I've given either this or it's similar variation a playtest.

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I just double checked, and yes they appear to do so. In the combat log you'll notice some hit to crit conversion due to "Dirty Fighting" and some hit to crit conversion under the weapon's name due to Durganisation.

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It does.


This build is quite similar to the ones I usually use for the Devil of Caroc - instead of a spear I use Shatterstar/later Godansthunyr + Barricade.


For non-solo runs I'd recommend binding rope. That way you will unlock Deathblows all the time with stun + stuck. Ripostes will be done with Deathblows as will Thrust of Tattered Veil and retaliation from Supper Plate, too (obviously the last two not simultaneously ;)).


Generally speaking: I find Barricade to be the much better alternative over Supper Plate. Deep Wounds can be triggered in an AoE conveniently by the Colored Coat by the way. Also causes hobbled. With another AoE affliction like Blind from Amulet of Summer Solstice you can make Wicked Briars hit with Deathblows with every pulse. Quite good when you get pummeled to hard.

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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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Some good tips, as always Boeroer. It is a bit of a shame a lot of status inflicting items are only available in party play, otherwise yes Binding Rope is a great fit on the build. Possibly 3 per Rest Sunbeam with the Colored Coat is a bit of a better way to go, but then it becomes a little tricky to chop and change the other items around and maintain Deflection with the high bonus the Cape of the Master Mystic provides. Again it's likely more relevant for play where you can get buffed.


I'm having a look over my provisional unarmed Barbarian build again and seeing if I can make it good enough for solo play. Last time when I was giving it a shot it worked really well - until I got to WM Pt I and couldn't hit anything because of the 3 Per. I know my original idea was that Per was largely unnecessary as Grazes only scale down the base damage of fists (in that way Graze/Hit/Crit and Carnage attacks all do similar damage) - but it turns out that's a bit of problem if you're not actually hitting enough things!


I'm looking into Resolve dumping instead now (Deflection is worthless on the build, and Will is the most pointless save in solo) - though I'm a bit wary of being interrupted all the time, particularly as this is compounded by low Deflection as crits have higher Interrupt. I figure end game I'll be using the Lost Periapt of the Winding Path anyway (+2 Res, and +20 Concentration) for more healing, and up until that point Resolve is fairly easy to buff when I need to from 3 to 8 with a +2 item and the +3 resting bonus from the Chapel. With Siegebreaker Gauntlets this can be made up to 10, and you can use Potions of Spirit Shield in times of need to get +30 Concentration anyway. With Siegebreaker Gauntlets and the Periapt in the absolutely toughest fights hopefully it'll work out.


I also didn't realise how strong Envenomed Strikes are when you have 38 Might (for those curious, 21 from Living Lands Coastal Aumaua, then +3 Training Grounds, +4 Maegfolc Skull, +1 Galawain's Boon, +1 Gift from the Machine, +6 Greater Frenzy, +2 Lyrinia's Boon) - you can deal 134 raw damage in one hit, for over 400 raw damage across the three hits (they don't work with Carnage, but still). My testing seems to suggest kills from the DoT still trigger Blood Thirst, so with Dragon's Leap, HoF, Barbaric Blows and then three separate hits of 134 damage (all at no recovery if you're scoring kills along the way) the build should be a tactical nuke.


I'll see how it works out. Hopefully against enemies that target Deflection (Thaos, Magran's Faithful) I'd be able to kill them before they kill me, but it's hard to say.

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Yes, I used Envenomed Strike with my melee Priest of Berath (using Tidefall/Abydon's Hammer + Runner's Wounding Shot and Envenomed Strike) - and because you can reach 50+ MIG and 30+ INT with this (Aggrandizing Radiance + Minor Avatar and stuff) the Envenomed Strikes become NASTY things. Especially if you combine them with Cleansing Flame... ;)


Since the unarmed barb wants to have very high MIG and also INT it's a great talent for him, too.

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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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  • 3 weeks later...

Hi all,


Been reading for some time but never got around to posting. Thanks everyone for super helpful info. 


I've been playing a combo of this build and Boeroer's sneaky apprentice build but with guns to open and it's been a lot of fun.


I went the tanky route at first but after level 10 found that he wasn't losing much health at all. I respec'ed and replaced veteran's recovery and wound binding with arms bearer and quick switch. I'm doing group play so took penetrating shot instead of deep pockets. Usual encounter open with sneak attack silver flash with crippling strike for damage upwards of 180+ if divine mark hits. Quick switch to another blunderbuss (thinking to duplicate silver flash) for another 100+. By then group has placed a couple of afflictions so change to spear/shield and launch a few scrolls with deathblows for more 100+ shots. After that engage in melee with stunning and more scrolls as needed. More micro but pretty fun! 


Thanks again for sharing the builds

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Sounds cool - I've not got round to thoroughly testing the build myself yet! In group play, it definitely won't need quite the same defensive boosts and Vet's Recovery is probably overkill (usually at the end of the game playing solo Vet's Recovery isn't that vital, it's just so damn useful early-mid game).


What talents/abilities/attribute spread have you gone for? I'm always interested in the specifics on any sort of build variation.

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I did basically the same attributes, dropped int to 16 and increased per to 8 I think to start. talents the same except the swaps I mentioned. I skipped reckless assualt and just took the others ones earlier. Not sure what I'll replace with later, currently level 12.


Also forgot to mention playing hard mode so defensives were fine without getting swarmed while firing off the shots and scrolls.

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Up until this point i didnt think Llengrath’s Displaced Image and scroll of defense would stack. This a bug? Cuz as far as i know spell/scroll shouldnt stack with pots.


If ur playing this solo, how do u get that particular spear? Been 1.5 years but as far as i can remember u had to place companions on specific locations to get it? Or am thinking about something else?

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Up until this point i didnt think Llengrath’s Displaced Image and scroll of defense would stack. This a bug? Cuz as far as i know spell/scroll shouldnt stack with pots.


If ur playing this solo, how do u get that particular spear? Been 1.5 years but as far as i can remember u had to place companions on specific locations to get it? Or am thinking about something else?

The defence boosts stack, individual defence boosts (+Deflection, +Reflex for Llengrath's) stack with defence boosts that apply to everything (+all Defences for Scroll of Defence).


They patched in at some point the ability to get the spear on solo (it was blocked for a while), I forget the specifics but it's perfectly possible to get it solo. I can't find the a specific thread to verify what you need to do, but it can be done (my old solo saves have it, where I didn't use the console at all).


EDIT: Here's a link for why solo Cladhalíath now works.

Edited by Jojobobo
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Thank you Jojobobo that is good to know. :)


Playing a solo rogue atm heavily inspired by this build. I am enjoying it a lot and i am currently on lvl 9. It is however not a "pure" solo because i have a couple of companions parked in Caed Nua. I really really wanted binding rope and cloak of comfort :)


How early would u reckon i could go and get Barricade Shield? Currently using Suras supper plate but i really really want that Barricade shield :D

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The Battery is pretty hard from what I remember, so I'd hold off longer personally. Any other bash shield can do the trick to an extent, though Sura's Supper Plate of course has Retaliation.


Yeah i dread the Battery =/


I recieved the mourning gloves from Caed Nua just 30min ago. They looked great with this rogue build so i went ahead and equipped it and then went into the character screen to check if anything was suppressed by it and both Ring of Protection and Cloak of comfort was now suppressed. "What a shame" i thought but then noticed that my stats had'nt changed. So i went ahead to kill something to see if the bonus recieved by the kill would stack but i noticed that it didnt, stats were unchanged. However, i noticed a very significant difference in my offensive power lol. These gloves put me at zero recovery for some unexplainable reason O_o. Are they also bugged on PC? 


So saddening!

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I rarely play anything but solo (never take on any companions even for adventure equipment), so it's really not my wheelhouse I'm afraid. I'm sure I've heard of Boeroer or someone else talking about those kind of items not stacking, hopefully one of those wise sages can clear it up for you.

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I rarely play anything but solo (never take on any companions even for adventure equipment), so it's really not my wheelhouse I'm afraid. I'm sure I've heard of Boeroer or someone else talking about those kind of items not stacking, hopefully one of those wise sages can clear it up for you.


Well the stacking is not my issue, the zero recovery is my issue. Sort of breaks the game to use those gloves as they are.

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If it's a bug, write a bug report - it's what the technical issues subforum is there for. Sounds like a powerful and broken combo on a lot of builds if it's as you described (zero recovery), though as mentioned I have no personal experience with the items so I can't really weigh in.

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Can i use generic fully enchanted spear for this build? Or any other generic fully enchanted weapon?

I heard generic fully enchanted items can replace uniques just fine.

No, some sort of Stun/Prone on crit is needed to make the damage of the build worthwhile as it essentially makes the Rogue's Sneak Attack always on and Deathblows on when you use Strike abilities. A generic spear won't cut it, but other Stun on Crit and Prone on Crit weapons will work, just with less accuracy.

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I am lvl 10 now with the spear and suras supper plate. I've run into the same problem i had with my solo Barb. I dont know where to progress, ive been lvl 10 for ages now. Skaen Temple destroys me with all their spells so i assume bountys are still a no-go. I have not been to White March yet tho, lvl 10 a good lvl to go start white march? The Areas around twin elms have really nasty enemies too so i wanna get to higher lvls before i tackle those Adragans and Greater Wind Blights.. =/ Dunno where to go...

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