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Welcome to the Deadfire. Backer Beta!

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Welcome (you bunch of magnificent) gamers,


The Backer Beta is now live! On behalf of everyone here at Obsidian, I want to thank all of you for supporting our project on Fig or through our website. I also want to thank all of you for providing us feedback and helping us clean up the rough edges on this game we have been tirelessly working on. Thank you, truly.


The Backer Beta begins with Character Creation. Character Creation in the Backer Beta is unrestricted, allowing access to all races/classes/etc... You then will spawn into the Huana village of Tikawara with a party of level 6 Mercenaries (Fighter, Rogue, Priest, and Wizard.) From here you are free to explore the village or immediately embark on your ship and wander the seas. A quick warning that many of our ships systems are still under construction and are not in the first release of the Backer Beta.


Below are instructions to access the Backer Beta (Steam or GOG), content list, big system changes, features not in the backer beta, and links for what to do in the likely event of a bug. This is an early Alpha version of the game, but we wanted to get it into your hands as soon as possible so we can hear what you have to say.


To Access the Backer Beta:


1. Obtain your Backer Beta code from your Products page on the Backer Portalgog-redeemkey-01.jpg


2. Choose Pillars of Eternity II: Backer Beta from the list and click Choose Platformgog-redeemkey-02.jpg


3. From the dropdown, choose the platform you wish to download Pillars of Eternity II: Backer Betagog-redeemkey-03.jpg


Downloading on Steam:


1. Install the Steam Client and launch Steam on your computer. steam-01.jpg


2. Click on the Games menu and select Activate a Product on Steam...



3. Click on Next.



4. Read the terms of service and click I Agree.



5. Enter your Deadfire Steam code from your Products page on the Backer Portal and click Next.



6. Click Finish and your game will appear in your library.


Downloading on GOG:


1. From your Products page on the Backer Portal, click the link, or copy and paste it into your browser's Address Bar, and press Enter.


2. Verify the name of the game appears and click Redeem Now. If you are not logged in, you will be asked to log in to associate the key with your GOG account.


3. Install the GOG Galaxy Client and launch GOG Galaxy on your computer.



4.Proceed to the game card for your game in the GOG Galaxy client.



5. Proceed to the game's settings via the "More" option.



6. Select ON from the drop down menu in the "Beta Channels" option on the right hand side.



7. A "Channel" option should now be visible. If your channel is not password protected, then you can now select it from the drop down menu. If your channel is password protected, please select "Add Private Channels"



8. Enter the password "GOGBackerBeta" for the channel when prompted.



9. The Beta channel should now be available in the drop down menu - please select it.



10. Your Beta channel build should now be available for installation.



Backer Beta Content:

  • Full Character Creation (this includes multiclassing/subclassing)
  • Limited World Map
  • Character Power Levels 1 - 5
  • 4 premade mercenary companions
  • Fully customizable adventurers for purchase at the Inn
  • Steam or GOG versions
  • Only English is supported
Big System Changes From PoE 1 to 2:
  • Health/Endurance - Now just Health
  • When a character gets knocked down in a fight, you gain an injury which causes a lose of 25% of your maximum health until you rest (with food). After your 4th injury in a row without rest, your character will die.
  • All per rest abilities have changed to per encounter
  • Graze has been removed from normal attacks - Only specific attacks will have the ability to graze
  • Stealth has been updated - Enemies now have a front facing vision cone which detects players faster
  • Penetration/Armor - Penetration vs Armor now works in 'break points'
    • Pen < Arm = 30% Dam
    • Pen ≥ Arm = 100% Dam
    • Pen (More than double) Arm = 130% Dam
  • Unique Items - Are now completely unique from each other. They will rarely share any item mods
  • Class Resources - Each class is given a unique resource to use their abilities
  • Rest - No longer needs camping supplies, players will now use food items to recover from injuries
  • Trap detection - Players now detect traps with the stat Perception instead of the skill Mechanics
  • Skill Assist - All party members now add a portion of their skill bonus to checks made
  • Engagement is no longer on each character by default - Now it is only granted through abilities
  • Grimoires - Grant Wizards extra spell casts and Wizards can no longer learn spells from Grimoires
  • Noise - Each spell/attack/etc.. has a noise level attached to it
  • Bumping - While pathing near allies, character now step aside for their teammate to walk by
Features Not Included in the Backer Beta

Below is a list of features that have been announced but that we are still fine tuning.

  • Player Ship
    • Crew
    • Ship Combat
    • Ship Deck Scene
  • Random Encounters on the World Map
  • Custom Party AI
  • Voice Over
  • Retraining
  • Written Companions
  • Relationship tab in the character sheet
  • Crafting and Enchanting
  • Power levels 6 - 9
  • Finalized Audio
In the Event of a Bug:
  • First our 'How to Report an Issue!' thread is here (Forum Link) It lays out very simple instructions on what information we will need from you to resolve the bug
  • Next, check through our 'Known Major Issues' thread found here (Forum Link) to see if your issue is already known or not.


Let the download commence, excited to get my hands on this!

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Is the beta only available if you pledged a certain amount? I backed the game on Fig in february, but the only thing showing up on the My Products page is the Tyranny coupon.


You need to have pledge at a $99+ tiers or added the add-on if lower.

Azarhal, Chanter and Keeper of Truth of the Obsidian Order of Eternity.

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Sad puppy here. While I backed at the 65$ level + $20 for the DLC, I had long forgotten I was short of having the beta. Ah well, good luck to the testers & its great to see it supports Steam and GOG.

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Sad puppy here. While I backed at the 65$ level + $20 for the DLC, I had long forgotten I was short of having the beta. Ah well, good luck to the testers & its great to see it supports Steam and GOG.


You can still add it to your account as an add-on!

How much does the add on cost? Think I saw someone say that it costs $20. Computer is out of commission until the 22nd at least though......


I feel like jumping in on the beta because I wanna help, lol, and other stuff.

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