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Revelation Quill bug during Into the Eye scenario

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I can confirm that this bug is still present in 6.5 in the Steam version.  Being unable to complete the game because of a bug is a very dissatisfying ending to an otherwise great gameplay experience.  I know I could beat this scenario without using the Quill, but doing so would require a lot of luck and grinding, which I have no desire to do.


This game is amazing in general, and I think it is a shame the developers haven't had the time to fix bugs like this.


Make that without Quill, Eagle, and even Scry in certain circumstances. It seems that any card that lets you look at any location deck and rearrange the cards breaks when you choose the location you're in. In the case of the scenario where the only location is the Runewell, well...there go a ton of useful cards in a really tough scenario.


Hate to make my first post a complaint, but I came here specifically looking for info on this bug. I agree that it's a shame when such an impactful bug doesn't make it into a fix after so many months. Here's hoping they can get to it soon.

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