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Wand of Enervation makes cards move to other characters



Platform: PC (Windows 10)

User: atwarner #9699

Scenario: Foul Misgivings

Difficulty: Legendary

Wildcards: Painful Memories, Retaliation

Characters: Ezren (Academy), Merisiel (Warrens), Sajan (Deeper Dungeons), Valeros (Farm House), Lini (Treacherous Cave), Seoni Prison


On Lini's first turn, she explored a few times, eventually running into a Sneak. She use Superior Animal Trick (Bear) to succeed at the BYA check. She only had Bear and Major Cure in her hand. She revealed Bear for Superior Animal Trick. Then Seoni plyaed Wand of Enervation, reducing the difficulty down to 5 (-6). Bewilder appeared in LIni's hand. It had previously been in Seoni's.



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