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Class-combos that may have a lot of synergy.

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Shifter/Troubadour or Shifter/Skald are both solid IMHO.  They both work, and maybe Skald a little better. 


You can't cast spells while shifted, BUT you keep chanting.  You start combat with a cast of Nature's Mark or Hel-Hyraf, Shift, tear stuff up, return to Kith form to cast another spell/invocation or two (also when you want to switch chants), and pick your next form. 


You can come out of Shifted form at anytime to cast some spells, and you have all 5 forms available per encounter.  So, you don't feel obligated to stay in form at all.  I was commonly hopping into Wolf shape to do a knock down, pound a few times, and switch back to casting. 


Thematically you have a love of options.  You have enough spell options between the two classes to make something for every element. 


Corruption/necromancy type?  Check. 


Fire element type?  Check. 


Electricity type?  Check. 


Ice themed type?  Check. 


EDIT:  Clumped enemies?  Cast "At the Sound of his Voice" for a paralysis on them, and shift to Stag to get some carnage opportunities. 

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With Dance of Death, you can easily get a large boost to your accuracy, & +10 might.

With Duality of Mortal Presence, you also get +10 intelligence.

There's another wound-based ability which gives another +5 strength.

The monk has an ability called "Lightning Strikes". Currently it adds +50% damage not only to weapon damage, but also to spell damage, which can be gruesome. And lightning strikes also increases action speed significantly, helping you cast those slow-cooking spells.


Either Torment's Reach or Force of Anguish can also be used to keep the enemies away from your incredibly delicate squishy.



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Ranger ranged-only abilities (wounding shot, etc) work with the Fury Druid's storm elemental form. Pretty sure they'll work with Kakaloth's Minor Blights as well---which is a Conjuration spell. So Ranger - Fury Druid, Ranger - Conjurer....


The Priest of Skaen's "apprentice sneak attack" (+15% damage) seems to stack with Rogue Sneak Attack. Though that's the only Rogue ability the Priest of Skaen gets. Their summoned weapons do a lot of damage. 

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