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So i bought the Obsidian edition off Steam and merged it with mobile device (was not an easy thing to do tbh). I decided to check and started the game on my tablet (which I'm going to mainly use for playing) without internet connection. As i understand the game purely relies on server data cause there was nothing synced on my tablet until i switched the internet connection on. So i can't really play the game offline and then sync my progress to cloud?

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It looks like a few replies have already been posted to your question on reddit.


As someone has already pointed out, the only workaround for "offline" is to start the game when you have an internet connection then never shut it down.  There is no actual offline mode right now.


However, be very careful to avoid having an offline device and an online device playing at the same time.  Under those circumstances, syncs can get very unpredictable when the offline device eventually reconnects.

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