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So somehow (well considering how much good things you can probably find on kickstarter these days, not that surprising) I missed this when it was new. As I was a big fan when Baldur's Gate was new reading about it now is pretty exciting. However, what's not that exciting is that unlike when it was new, I have less money these days. Because of that, since the game is 2 years old, I'd expect to be able to grab it on sale. I just checked though and it seems to be full price at the moment on steam...would there be a time that it could be expected to go on sale again?

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It's because the sequel "PoE II: Deadfire" is now in development and there was another crowdfunding campaign for that.


Prior to that there were some special offers where you could get PoE plus the two extensions White March I and II for a decent price.


Don't know when the next sale will start.

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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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Unfortunately, you missed out on the latest applicable Steam sales during the summer (I know it was 75% off Paradox Interactive's titles, i.e. the publisher behind Pillars, almost two months ago). It will definitely happen again, the question is just when. Of course this isn't the only platform worth checking, as between GoG/Kinguin/G2A and a plethora of other sellers game deals occur fairly often. You can keep an eye out for regular quick overviews like this: https://www.reddit.com/r/GameDeals/hot/, or anything composing similar lists.


I know the situation all too well, been there myself last year - impatiently awaiting some kind of PoE sale a few months down the line in the wake of the second expansion. And then it's easy to forget about it for a little while and only later find out you just missed out on a decent offer. As it stands, I guess the publisher just doesn't feel the need to significantly lower the original base price of the game and its expansions, despite the time that has passed. Which is a shame, especially if the dollar/euro conversion doesn't happen to be favorable for one. Maybe once PoE II rolls around (but I'd expect at least a few deals to come about in the coming months, anyway). 

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