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Gameplay bugs on Android

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I just had to add that most of these bugs are so easy to find that I found them through accidents in a few days. I noticed that you have monetized the elite characters (I was only missing frostfire seoni but since it costs 2 euros now, I'm not going to get her). I'm guessing that is because the app is not generating enough income. I strongly suggest you to play the game for a few days and write down everything irregular you see, I'm betting it will become much more profitable when the game is not throwing random nonsense and UI problems at the players.



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3. Blessing of Thassilonian Virtues. Still unclear how you're supposed to use these cards. Why not add a big box next to the card "CLOSE ROOM" or something?. NOT FIXED!
7. Gold per quest. In-game texts still wrongly claim that you're getting 350 gold for a 6-man legendary, although you are only getting 250. NOT FIXED!
15. Druid animal trick + savage beast form. Use animal trick with an animal. Now use savage beast and discard the revealed animal. You will get the beast form bonus and retain the animal trick bonus.
16. Druid animal trick + animal that boosts combat. For example bear. Use animal trick to reveal bear to get 1d4+4 extra damage. You can still discard the bear and get an extra 1d6 combat damage. You retain the 1d4+4 damage even though the bear is now discarded.

Grynberg, many of the bugs are still there, and the developers need to repair them, but there are only few people in their team. Your "take few bloody days off" is rather more acidic than is required. Three of the bugs you listed are not bugs.
3 - works as intended, if you turn off the "copy blessing" button after clicking on discarded blessing deck. It is a bit inconvenient, but you can easily make the B. of Thassilon work
7 - never played with more than 4 players (then, it gives correctly 250gold)
15 and 16 - Animal trick gives bonus regardless of any other actions as it is not "playing the ally" action. First you use the Trick (Lini's Power), then you can recharge the Animal for melee dice or give Lini huge strength and dexterity by polymorphing (and discarding). Theoretically, you should be able to do all three things at once without violating the 1 card of a type rule. IF the tabletop version has different interpretation, the game could be regarded as an incorrect interpretation in this way.
Edit: 15+16: If you look here: https://boardgamegee...nimal-time-lini, you will find an explanation that this is all legal.

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