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Confused by starting a campaign (Android)

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I played for a bit ages ago but reinstalling it recently I'm looking to start a new campaign and I'm pretty confused. Browsing my cards, how do I trim my characters decks down to ensure I'm likely to draw something useful during the game? Should I/can I do this? Am I meant to trash or sell surplus cards in some way?


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Yep. Only at the Star of scenario. (Unless you find something during the scenario or miss something during the scenario.) consider it like going to trip. You carry what you start with, but you can find something usefull during the trip that goes to your inventory. There is not going back to home untill the whole adventure has been done.

If you find cards during the scenario They goes to the stash. Also if you buy treasures chest They can go to stash.

Consider stash as a loot box, or back pag or similar place to temporary store items that you don't use actively.

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Banish means that card goes to the gallery. Aka among all cards that may become selected in the locations. So when you banish the card it is possible that you will newer see it again, but it is possible to see it if you Are really lucky or unlucky (if it is bad card you hope that you don't see it again if it is good you hope to see it again.)

Gallery aka vault is the place where all card get randomized to locations. So every card has a change to appear in one or another location.

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