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EDIT:  Update from the developers.  We're back to the interim plan of only cutting down treasure cards when you have an excess of thirty or so.



As best as I can tell, we're back to the original auto-salvage plan.  This should be what is going on behind the scenes.


1. The allowable maximums of treasure cards are:

30 for all rarities

4  - Uncommon

3 - Rare

2 - Epic

1 - Legendary

2. When you start the app, your collection is quickly scanned for "excess" cards.

3. Should cards be found with excess quantities, up to two cards will become candidates for auto-salvage.

4. Those two cards will have their number reduced to meet the above limits.

5. Excess cards are sold off at the "new salvage" rate seen below:

Salvage = 0 (B)    + 	1 (Common)
	  1 (AD1)    	2 (Uncommon)
	  2 (AD2)	3 (Rare)	
	  3 (AD3)	4 (Epic)
	  4 (AD4)	5 (Legendary)
	  5 (AD5)
	  6 (AD6)

6. Gold is added to the account and off you go.

7. Process repeats each time you start the app until you are back in spec.



Personally, I'm not against the auto-salvage, but I understand how it totally runs in conflict with everything that the Treasure system was giving users over the last year.  I think the game benefits from a curated quantity of cards.  The base campaigns have standard deck lists and quantities, and the treasure cards really should have something similar.


Though, it does stink a bit that the cards are being sold off at cheap salvage rates.  When the game notices you have an "extra" couple copies of Slaying Bow, they are removed from your account at a mere 11 Gold each.  Using the old salvage tables, deleting a card permanently would score you 3-5x the gold.


For those just joining the conversation, before the Steam release, users could opt to sell off treasure cards from their collection.  This gave people the ability to remove treasure cards they don't like, keep ones they do, etc..  Post-Steam, it changed to the automated system above.  At some point, the numbers were relaxed, but with the recent patch it is back in place.

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Yes, I am very, very disappointed with this. Firstly, it takes control away from the user, who previously could curate their card collection to manage the balance of their collection to favour certain cards - or to de-emphasise others (for instance, I just won't use any of the "Vicious" class of weapon). Secondly, it punishes people (not me) who have spent real money on Treasure chests - automatically throwing away cards that they've actually paid real money for and without their permission or any degree of control. What's the point of collecting spit-loads of Treasure if ultimately the game manages how many you can have of each card (and yet randomly distributes the cards when you buy them). In what other walk of life is it acceptable for the business from which you purchase something to decide that you have "too much" of something that you've bought and to take it away from you without your agreement or any degree of control? This is a very poor and disrespectful way for OBS to implement the system. Who cares what your balance of cards is, it's not a multiplayer adversarial game, it's (by and large) a solo "co-op", I'd have thought OBS would want to encourage people to "pay to win".

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I don't maind the auto culling system. I just would like to hear how it is working and why there was not adjustments (as it seems based on Ethics experience) as devs were planning.


The pathfinder world is full of junk item, junk weapons and so on. And a couple of cursed swords and so on blend in nicely ;)

Some of those Are coming from real rpg where those items make a lot of Sense, but does not so well in card format... like potions.

Rpg character can carry a lot of potions and use them when needed. The card game character does not want a potion to take card and hand slot from something more important. But all in the thing that you find mostly useless junk is the very essense of this game. And works just fine.


My only worry is what mccrispy said above that some peoples used a lot of money to get spesific legendary items and if the amounth of them is one... well it can be a problem. And was the reason why the autoculling was taken offline to make adjustements to the culling alchorytms.


So auto culling is fine, but some explanation would be nice also.

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This just in.  


I'm terribly sorry guys, the old code containing the old limits snuck back into production. I've changed it back yesterday as soon as it was reported on the forums so your cards should not be culling now. To all those affected during the brief period it was online, please contact me.  


Also, we are working on a better alternative to filter out cards you don't want to add into your deck. Unfortunately, it's not high on our priority list at the moment.

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Good to know! So I will not open my chests untill the system is back online...

Simple would be just fine. People mostly bought those legendary bundless when They were available, so They may have even four legendary heavy armours and things like that. But other alternatives Are Also fine. But a culling system of anykind is needed and the simpler, the better!

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Whoa wait what?30 healing poutices? 30 slaying scythes? 30 rings of superior protection?


You can have up to 30 in your collection, but even then, 30 of the same card will not appear in the Box during scenario initialization. I think the soft cap of cards that get added to the box is about 4~ depending on the number of locations and other things.

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