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Can't buy Goblin adventure with gold?

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Hi all, I've taken a break from the game for. Couple months. Saw there was an update today but it looks like you have to pay cash for the Goblin adventure now.


When did this start? I think I remember buying all the other adventures with gold?

I spent real cash on alts though. I think this is crap as I saved gold to spend when this came out

And now it's cash only.

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Limitting the DLC purchase to real-money-only is of course a option that is in the rights of the developer and I do not want to argue otherwise. The price is not too high for this content (I think) and Obsidian has to make money to further develop the game. But there are some people who are not able to pay real money in app (e.g. I play on tablet, don't have internet banking and really do not want to bother with bureaucratic forms and then hope that it will all work as intended). It would be good if the company considered providing the option to obtain the DLCs in a few months time for gold coins. They can have the cost scaled upwards however they like (maybe even 1.5-2× higher than the gold coins obtained by buying gold coins for the same amount of money for the DLC in question), but it would be very good policy. That would not decrease their profits by much (most people who can pay real money won't have the patience to wait several months for new content...). And please don't take this as a critical statement, but only as a suggestion.


I would also like to add one thing related to the store - if someone buys all the alternate versions of characters with coins (such as my self), there is still the Ragged and Refined Bundle available to be bought. That is, you can pay almost insane amount of money to buy 5-6 alternate characters (which you already have, but the application does not check it) and their normal versions (which you also have due to buying particular characters' alts), which nets the user completely nothing. It would be best if the price scaled down with the amount of stuff you already have (e.g. I only miss the Promo deck from the offer "Rise of Runelords bundle" and have everything other, but the price listed is still the same), but that can be problematic / exploitable from the programming point of view. The least thing to do would be to designate this bundle as "bought" when you have all the things inside. Otherwise the company risks the need for support tickets and refunding money back or even (let's hope not) lawsuits.

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