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On the origin of PCs - expand your background!

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Someone fancy sharing thoughts about the origin of your characters?


I've seen some of you presenting your characters fresh from the creation menu. I've seen some cool builds with fancy names. I've seen some showing off with stylish equipment and whatnot. Now I wanna know what your characters did before arriving in the Eastern Reach and signing up for a caravan to Gilded Vale.


I don't know how much of a roleplayers you guys are, but I had this outline of my character from the start. It developed with the game, and since some Deadfire lore updates came out I think it is finally complete. And I want to share it with you, call it "fan-fiction" of sorts. It's not George R.R. Martin writing, mind you, but the story is important to me, and it sets the stage for the events of the game


I will post it in a minute. Before that, here are some disclaimers:

  • You will see some images taken from the web; besides small edits, none of them are mine. As much as I would like to give credit to the artists I mostly lack knowledge about them.
  • First I point out a few important things 'encyclopedia style' and then I switch to prose. And for the record: I am no professional writer and not a native speaker of English.
  • Not all things in the story are super relevant; sometimes it's just flavor text


EDIT: The story is posted, had to part it due to limitations. For some reason text formatting is a mess.

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It would be of small avail to talk of magic in the air...

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or the origin of Tulio, The Watcher of Cead Nua in three acts




Tulio "Bona" Ventura

Thyrtan human

Old Vailia – Dissident

Class: Rogue




The once crown jewel of the southern seas, defunct Grand Empire of Vailia. Now the crumbling island nations of Old Vailia that once made up the empire are engaged in a continuous war for dominance that has been going on (and off, and on again) for over two hundred years. Catriona is one of such islands.


Catriona has two opposing seats of power which seem to be in a stalemate. The city of Contrada controls the north, while Port Augusta controls the south. Tensions are high because each side wants to benefit from the other and see the island united under their patronage. A lot of amenities, casualties from skirmishes and a sense of an ongoing civil war is what characterizes this island the most. There are no borders between the two, but the differences are visible even to the untrained eye. Some notable settlements include:


Contrada, the self-proclaimed capital and hub of power in the north

Port Augusta, the self-proclaimed capital and hub of power in the south

Acosta, frontier town favoured by hunters due to close proximity of forests, lakes and rivers

Torre di Suole (vail. „Tower of the Sun”), a wizard tower, home to a clandestine arcanist

Varese, affectionately called by locals „The Granary”, due to large amounts of food supplies

Cavo, a town on a small island of the same name, home of The Shackles




The Island of Catriona; the original comes from @drakharim of DeviantArt (http://drakharim.deviantart.com/art/Nameless-Fantasy-Map-664532529)




Cremisi Mercato or the Crimson Market is a cartel under the guise of a trading company with active agents in most of Old Vailia. A group of formally independent producers whose goal is to increase their collective profits by means of price fixing, limiting supply, or other restrictive practices. Their dealings have become less and less lawful since Bertoldo Liviani took control as a major shareholder. Blackmail, extortion, theft and other malpractice are common.


The Shackles are a slaver organisation with their headquarters on the isle of Cavo. At times when the business is poor they supposedly abandon foreigners and turn them into slaves. Much to the likeness of the Crimson Market, this lot puts profit on the first place.


Gwanblaidhe (glanf. „Winter Wolves”) are exiles of the Stone Bramble clan from the White March region in Eír Glanfath. Sometime between the Broken Stone War and the War of the Black Trees few of the elven rîow opted for using the Engwithan secrets against the foreign invaders, instead of protecting them. Exiled from their homeland they had to adapt, and generations later they are a scattered shadow of a clan, mostly operating in the Deadfire Archipelago as pirates. They kept naming their children in honour to their ancestors, thus many share the same name.





Characters prominent to the story; 3 leftomost come from the web, origin unknown; 2 rightmost come from Pillars of Eternity by Obsidian Entertainment



Tulio Ventura (born 2792 AI), Thyrtan human from Old Vailia, often referred to as Tulio „Bona” Ventura which means „good fortune”. Working as a sell-sail for the Crimson Market he gradually made up a name for himself. He used his high ranks in the cartel to secretly gather wealth and resources on the side – partly because of his vanity, and partly because of his dissident ideas. While most Vailians of Catriona favoured one government or the other, Tulio favoured none. Wanting to see the end the ongoing Vailian civil war he used his status and resources in order to undermine both sides of the Catriona’s conflict. Sabotage, bribery, arson, just to name a few means to an end. What started as a discreet opposition sooner or later had to led to stirring up a hornets nest. Tulio got bolder and blatant enough to the extent that he and his friends got exposed. But all hell ultimately broke loose with the arrival of Gwanblaidhe raiders.


Kaylin Aloi (born 2795 AI, died 2823 AI), Thyrtan human from Aedyr Empire. As a daughter of Aedyran diplomat she spent most of her life far away from home. When accustomed to the isle of Catriona she started a relationship with Tulio. Keeping her guise as a woman of the state she became a partner in his dissent, pulling some strings and gathering information. Kaylin died during the recent pirate assault on Port Augusta.


Lorenzo (born 2734 AI), Aptapo dwarf from Old Vailia. This mononymous dwarf is said to be a cunning rogue with few spells up his sleeve. It is a well-known fact that he was an apprentice of a local wizard in the Torre di Suole, but had to withdraw because of some differences. Generally a jester with a knack in mechanics, although rumour has it he knows a thing or two about illusions. Likes to call himself The Arcane Locksmith to his own amusement. Has many friends and twice as many enemies.


Bertoldo Liviani (born 2783 AI), Calbandra human from Old Vailia. A major shareholder of the Crimson Market, thus de facto its leader. Bertoldo is a cruel man, there is nothing he won’t do to get what he wants. The cartel has become more prosperous but also more sordid under his rule. He believes that wealth is the only real power that matters in this world, and the ongoing civil war is what brings him advantage. He was once in love with Kaylin Aloi, without reciprocation. Hates being called “Bertie”.


Mess Îer, 31st of His Name (born 2750 AI), Sceltrfolc elf from Deadfire Archipelago. Born to exiles from Eír Glanfath he has no knowledge of his ancestral home. Member of the Gwanblaidhe clan, having unusually big affinity to gold he was several times at odds with his crewmates. He was aboard the raiding party that recently hit Port Augusta. Unaware of the ships sent after them, the whole operation was a fiasco. Probably the sole survivor, has been captured and thrown into jail.

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It would be of small avail to talk of magic in the air...

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– I didn’t do it – the elf seemed to be confident about his answer.

All that Tulio could have heard from him for the last twenty or so minutes was denying. And when the interrogator asked about acquaintance between Tulio and the elf, he already knew the answer.

– I don’t know this estramor.

Good man. All these years of being secretive had at least bare fruit this one time today. But it won’t be long until they are finished with the elf and come asking question to him. Tulio took a peek towards the jailor and the interrogator standing next to him. It was Bertoldo Liviani himself, Tulio’s recent employer. The fact that Liviani was the one performing the interrogation instead of a government official only made matters worse. But it was also a proof for Tulio, that things in his homeland were wretched as they come.

– Enough for now – said Bertoldo turning around – Mestre Ventura, for your atrocious betrayal you should be punished with death. How do you plea?

– Is this how court looks now?

– You arrived here on a silver platter, and you brought this upon yourself. You’re in jail because of treason and the governor assigned me do the talking thanks to our differences. It really wasn’t hard to convince him after what you’ve done! You wronged many people in your life, but of all you wronged me the most. I should kill you outright, but it gives me great pleasure to see you in this pitiful position.

– Look, Bertie…

A powerful blow to Tulio’s mouth almost made him unconscious.

– You know better to not call me like that. As I was saying, you betrayed Catriona. I was gracious enough to overlook a few mishaps from you, like taking my property as it were yours. But not only you did not stop stealing from me, you wanted to throw this island into anarchy.

– Sure… – Tulio spat a bit of blood on the floor – Your idea of instigating both sides against each other is way better. Let’s have an ongoing civil war, because you profit from it.

– Once I thought that we share this idea. But then you took my coin away from me. Later you took the woman I wanted away from me. And now you tried to take my power that I have over this island away from me.

– Kaylin was not for the taking, she just preferred my wit over your foolishness.

For a second Tulio thought that another blow will hit his face, but surprisingly Bertoldo did nothing but stare. That moment of silence seemed to be never ending.

– So maybe she liked you the most – Bertoldo continued – But how on Eora did you manage to convince her into helping you? ‘Tis beyond me. Doesn’t matter now, since she’s dead.

Tulio suddenly felt a terrible pain in his heart. None of this should ever happen. He brought the doom upon a girl he cared about, maybe it wasn’t love, but she did mean a lot to him.

– This was a mistake – for the first time Tulio’s response was emotional – These pirates I hired were supposed to only sack the headquarters of the Crimson Market in Port Augusta…

– But luckily some of my loyal employees warned me about this so I could prepare. If it wasn’t for me the whole city could’ve been at risk! Had the attack commence a few hours later, the damage we took would’ve been naught!

– As I said, this was a mistake…

– Kaylin Aloi died on the streets, from the canon fire. We all saw the body, but it disappeared before I could reach it. Care to explain?

– Ask your elven friend over there – Tulio pointed towards the other prisoner.

The jailor accompanying Bertoldo prodded the elf, but all he got out of him were some words in a foreign language, probably curse words. The raiders did have some time on the streets so it would be plausible for them to meddle with her body. But to what purpose?

– He’s a useless piece of **** – Bertoldo didn’t even look in his direction

– We did nothing to this woman you speak of! – the elf suddenly screamed – We were in retreat and the canons did also hit my mates! My name is Mess Îer, 31st of His Name, and I respect the fallen unlike you and your lot!

– Is that so? – Bertoldo sighed – I guess now it matters not. Well then, I think this concludes our meeting. Tomorrow morning both of you will be sent to The Shackles and subsequently sold to the highest bidder to spend the rest of your miserable lives as slaves. Hope you enjoy the company of orlans, Tulio.

– Really? – Tulio giggled – Didn’t realize your mum’s there, Bertie!

A powerful blow knocked Tulio unconscious.




– Wake up.

Tulio felt like after a three day long revelry during Inestu, the Summer Rising. A gentle breeze and the hum of the ocean reached him through the window of his cell. Yet, the voice calling to him was strangely amicable.

– Wake up, mate! – the voice hastened – We haven’t got much time.

Opening his eyes made him feel even more dizzy for a bit, but when the vision gained more focus he saw a close friend.

– Lorenzo…

– Right, back on your feet – said the dwarf – We gotta get you outta here, pronto.

– Am I still in jail? What time is it?

– It’s almost midnight – with one strong move Lorenzo picked Tulio up and helped him back on his feet. For an established rogue and wannabe illusionist he still was one hardy dwarf.

– Took you long enough… how did you get here?

– Now’s not the time for chatter, mate. Here, hold this.

Lorenzo handed to him a small backpack. Inside was a pair of clean clothes, some food and water, and something that looked like an egg. More questions arose in Tulio’s head but considering the surroundings and his last talk with Liviani, he concurred. Just as the two of them were leaving his cell, Mess Îer, 31st of His Name jumped to the doors of his cell and caught Tulio to the extent of his arm.

– You ain’t gonna leave me here, are you?

Lorenzo gave Tulio a freezing look, but something deep inside his head ordered him to answer.

– Mess Îer, 31st of His Name, eh? What are ya, royalty?

– Laugh all you want, but know this: you would like to have me as an ally. From what I hear you are pretty much done for on this island. And any other in the vicinity as a matter of fact.

– I see, so you would see me flee someplace safe?

– Damn it, boy – Lorenzo whispered, but it sounded like a silent shout – This is what I’m already trying to do.

– Deadfire Archipelago – Mess Îer said – I will gladly take you there. An ideal place for misfits like the two of us – Tulio narrowed his eyes as if staring directly to the sun – Like me, that is.

For a minute it seemed like the elf would have to stay put and accept his fate with The Shackles, as Lorenzo was trying to pull Tulio the other way. Suddenly Tulio felt another need in his head to keep talking and that’s when he realized that this was no ordinary pirate.

– You’re a cipher…

A need to keep talking slowly started to fade.

– Would like to help – Tulio continued – but your crewmates killed someone I held dear.

– You hired us in the first place, and your plan backfired. Believe me that I had nothing to do with it. But now I could use my powers for your advantage. Please, don’t leave me here, another victim of your misdoings.

Suddenly, as if someone said a proper code-word, Lorenzo pushed Tulio away and took a step forward to the prison cell door of the elven cipher.

– If that’s gonna help us get going – Lorenzo took out a massive keyring from his colourful garment and started browsing through the keys. With a resonant clank the door opened and Mess Îer rushed outside the cell, huge smile on his face.

Lorenzo led the way through a hidden passage in the wall. It figures, Tulio thought to himself, that this dwarven crook would know such a safe route in and out of a penitentiary. In matter of minutes they were outside the prison walls and heading towards the harbor. Just as Tulio realized that there would still be patrols about the city, Lorenzo suddenly took a turn to a dark alley and entered another misleading corridor. They emerged on the other side of the guardhouse, hearing soldiers talking about events of yesterday.

– Had this “Bewildering Spectacle” scroll here somewhere – Lorenzo murmured as he went through his pockets – Wait for it…

– Why wait? – asked Mess Îer

A sudden wave of energy from elf’s palm made soldiers look the other way with stupor. At first Tulio thought that such powers are impressive. Had he such an ally from the start, maybe everything could have been better. Maybe Kaylin would still be alive. Guilt befallen upon Tulio, when once again he realized what has happened due to his dissent. But remorse would have to wait, as they approached the dock with two ships anchored.




– All right! – Lorenzo made a peculiar smile – We’re here. This ship on the left will take you to Neketaka in the Deadfire Archipelago, but you already know that, don’t you, cipher boy?

– This is true – Mess Îer returned the smile – I know that ship, we encountered it a few times and asked for a toll. Been trying to reach it since you sank our frigate.

– So we’re going to aumaua territory? – asked Tulio.

– The final destination will be elsewhere. From Neketaka it will be easy to reach Dunnage, where Príncipi sen Patrena reside. They are outcasts, people without homeland. My own people were in decline since their exile from a land north-east from here, so what would be a better place for us to go?

– Time will tell – Tulio gave the elf a nod – Fine, go ahead and board the ship. I’ll say my goodbyes to my friend here and I’ll catch up with you in a minute.

– Thank you, friends.

Mess Îer smiled sincerely to them both, and boarded the ship on the left side of the dock. As he left, Lorenzo gave Tulio a nudge.

– Listen, mate – said Lorenzo – Do as you wish, but listen to me beforehand. I found and secured Kaylin’s body, so Bertie can’t have it. She died from canon fire, but according to my sources it came from a coalition ship, not from the Gwanblaidhes.

– Are you sure? – Tulio’s eyes widened.

– Yes, also that’s the reason why I ultimately released pointy ears – the dwarf made a gesture in the direction of a ship soon leaving for Deadfire.

– Great. Not only Liviani killed the girl, but he framed me in laying waste to the city. Things couldn’t gone worse for us…

– Yeah, well next thing in the morn am gonna ship Kaylin’s body to Aedyr, to her family. And I’ll toss a letter about all the circumstances, so if we’re lucky Aedyrans will come to Catriona to tidy things up, if you know what I mean. Of course I’ll hafta leave as well, no point sitting longer in this hellhole.

– Where’ll you go?

– The Republics, probably – a wide smile appeared on his face.

– It figures. Maybe I should do the same.

– There’s no ship to the Republics here and now, and you hafta disappear as soon as possible. They will be looking for you!

– And the other ship? Where is it heading?

– Some place called New Heomar, it’s in the Eastern Reach – Lorenzo scratched his temple as if thinking – The Dyrwood is some rebellious colony of the Aedyr Empire.

– So, what’s with the egg?

– Oh, this is why I’m no longer an apprentice in Tower of the Sun. I took it. Among many other things. It’s a dragon egg! I have no idea what currency you’ll need once you set foot, so sell it. It will be a good start!

– Thank you, Lorenzo. Guess it’s time to part ways.

– One more thing! – Lorenzo hit himself in the forehead as if punishing himself for bad memory. From one of his many pockets he took out an envelope with Tulio’s name on it.

– A letter for me?

– It was on Kaylin when I found her.

Tulio opened the envelope, an unpleasant feeling clutching his throat.


Dear Tulio,

It seems like we had the world at our feet just yesterday. But you know things are not going well recently and Bertie is becoming ever vengeful. I think we should leave this life behind and start a new one elsewhere, just the two of us, far away from all of this. I hear there are giving land to kith willing to settle in someplace overseas called Gilded Vale. Please see me as soon as possible, we’ll talk more.

Love, Kay


– Have you read it? – he asked the dwarf.

– Now why would I do that? – Lorenzo’s genuine smile revealed all his teeth, some of which apparently more shiny then others. Suddenly his expression changed to more respectable. – Apologies, didn’t mean any offence.

– Relax, there’ll be plenty of time for mourning once I’m out of here, and you know what to do afterwards. Don’t be shy to seek me out, if you ever head east, all right?

– I’ll keep that in mind. Farewell, Tulio.

– Farewell, Lorenzo, and thank you.

– We had it good while it lasted, eh?

None had the courage to admit their little revolution was a failure, so the two embraced and Tulio ventured into the darkness. His footsteps led him to the ship on the right side of the dock. Lorenzo stood there alone for a couple more minutes gazing eastwards. The sun would rise soon and take his friend away, probably for him never to return.

Bona ventura, Tulio.


* * *


– Let’s check by those outcroppings.

With one swing of the torch Calisca dazed the wolf long enough for Tulio to give it the killing blow with his sabre. When the beast fell dead on the ground a tiny obsidian wyrm sat on it as if boasting with pride for what he or she accomplished. Tulio had no idea what to think of Saverio’s behaviour, but the wyrm’s affection to him was undisputable. He saved that thought for later, because springberries were now in his sight.

– I got it on good authority you’re some kind of troublemaker. Or at least you were in your old life – Calisca’s ability to ask a question without it being a question in the first place was just the inevitable small-talk that Tulio was expecting ever since he got on that caravan from New Heomar to Gilded Vale.

– That’s why they put me in jail – he responded casually picking the springberries as if they were talking about weather. Maybe that will make her less interested in him?

– Yeah? How is it you happen to come here?

– I got loose. Far as I know they’re still looking for me.

– Well, we’ve all got things we’d like to leave behind. Gods know I do, I’ll tell you that. Here’s hoping they never track us down – Calisca took a breath in her surroundings – Been a long time since I’ve been this way. But I always did like it. Lord Raedric’s offer… makes a girl think, I’ll give him that. You here to settle, like the rest of the lot?

– I hadn’t given it much thought.

– No harm in that. Might as well see the place first. So you must have some other plan in mind for coming this way?

Suddenly all the memories of his life spent on Catriona came back to him. All the things he did, the good, the bad, the questionable. All the people that were more or less important to him at some point: Kaylin, Lorenzo, Bertoldo, even that elven cipher. Wonder what happened to the poor sod.

– Probably the same things I did before.






Tulio and Saverio in front of the Charred Barrel in Brackenbury district, Defiance Bay

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It would be of small avail to talk of magic in the air...

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My main got run out of The Living Lands for dealing drugs.

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Living Lands - Scientist


Despite growing up in one of the supposedly most dangerous places on Eora, Caedwyn had a surprisingly safe and sheltered upbringing.  He lived in one of the largest towns there, rarely venturing out into the wilderness.  The child of Aedyran exiles who had fled Aedyr due to their 'experimental interests', Caedwyn continued the family tradition, initially for his own interests but an innate desire for justice that was stoked further by aninfatuation with a member of the local Watch led him to start trying to utilise his unique skills in the Watch's investigations of the many crimes that were committed there, becoming a sort of Holmes type character.  He did well for many years, and with his help the Watchwoman Ascly, whom he had the infatuation with, rose up the ranks as well, only for him to discover implications that she and many others in the Watch were corrupt and that he had been used.   This realisation drove him from his home, for he could not bring himself to act against those he had thought his friends, and he caught a ship to New Heomar in the Dyrwood, a land known for allowing 'experimental interests' to be more than just interests, to find a new start.

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Okay I'm doing this!


                                                                                                               Atka a.k.a. "The Exile"

                                                                     Personal Quote: "I seem to be doing a terrible job at leaving the world exactly the way I found it."


Appearance*: 2bf11dbe2b1927dba160e28112cda787--albino

*I use the hooded Pale Elf portrait in-game


Name: Atka Narichitico 

Race: Pale Elf

Age: 70 years old (27 in human years)

Gender: Female

Class: Druid (Wolf form)

Prominent Traits: Stoic, Rational, Honest, Clever, Aggressive


Background: Scorned by her tribe, Atka was exiled from The White that Wends and will be shot on sight if she passes The Glass Veil into Pale Elf territory. All of her companions have speculated on what could have happened, but Atka will always clamp up if asked directly. Only Aloth was able to pry a kernel of information from her about her banishment, it apparently involved a high ranking mystic and bone flute. As a Druid and a child of The White that Wends, Atka very much includes the natural order in her philosophy: the weak die and the strong survive. Which often makes her come off as well...cold (pun intended). Atka's goal is to survive to the next day, just to spite the ones that exiled her which makes her very "matter-a-fact" or rational. Being a wolf druid means wolf traits are very much implemented in her personality: highly suspicious of strangers, loyal, instinctual, paranoid, and protective. Honesty is a virtue she values most, Atka will always tell a person the truth even if it's kinder to lie.  However, she isn't without compassion or a sense of humor which often comes in the form of monotone and dry wit. Her biting (puns!) remarks are often a sign of her being comfortable around you or seeing you as an imbecile, the two often intertwine. Being a Watcher intrigues Atka but also oppresses her. She's aware of the consequences insanity imposes on Druids such as becoming feral, cannibalism, permanent animal form, or self-mutilation.    


Important Relationship/Companions:


-Aloth: Atka did not like Aloth when they first met. Pale Elves are heavily bigoted and prejudiced against Wood Elves, often calling them "flower pickers," "Magpies" or "the weaker twin." Not only that, but it seemed like he was hiding something. However over time by being loyal and revealing Iyselmer, Aloth became a close confidant and friend. She also understood what it was like to have a mother that wasn't willing to protect you, whether it was from the harsh elements or an abusive father. Also being able to easily startle Aloth in her wolf form amuses her. However, Aloth almost lost all of that trust when he revealed his connections to the Leaden Key while leaving a burning Defiance Bay. As if they relationship had been set back to 0, Atka went back to being cold. But she still wonders why she keeps him around.


-Sagani: Sagani is Atka's best friend and the only companion to remind her of home. The two of them are able to talk about White that Wends subjects that no one else in the party could understand. Sagani often reads her mystery novellas to Atka to help her sleep and Atka helps keeps Sagani's hunting skills sharp while acting as prey in wolf form. If Atka is nowhere to be found, Sagani most likely knows where she is.


-Grieving Mother: The mother figure that Atka never had. When the Watcher nightmares became more intense, GM was often there to soothe her. GM is one of few people that have seen Atka vulnerable or unsure. Atka also sees GM as a misunderstood soul, while she doesn't agree with GM's method to handle soulless children, Atka is able to empathize with the determination that drives her. 


-Zahua: Despite what many people think, Atka is a very spiritual person. While she may not believe in the gods to do their duty, she believes that the kith have the ability to do it for themselves. Zahua and her have a pretty good understanding and she enjoys the debates they have together. Like Atka, Zahua is pretty blunt which makes him simple in Atka's mind, Atka likes simple. Plus...free drugs!


-Durance: Aka hates that she cares about the crotchety old man's well being. She enjoys his twisted sense of humor, along with his self-reliant philosophy. Their cynicism about about the gods tend to aline, although Atka believes Durance is more of a barker than a biter. There are of course times when she can't stand to be around Durance or has to put him in his place when questioning her leadership. Originally her compassion towards the bitter old man came from pity, but she's come to respect him.


Okey-dokey that's it for now. Ill post my second watcher a bit later! Oh also, I've based the Pale Elves after the Mongolians in real life

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Gonna just post here as well if you don't mind - in more detail. I actually always plan out my RPG characters before going into the actual game...sometimes it takes a me a full day of doing just that, and then another one to look at portraits. XD 


Anyhow, I just finished a similar playthrough but now i'm gonna re-play with minor changes xD (I suck, keep re-playing same character over and over again!) 




NAME: (I'm gonna leave this blank since I always use a variation of my own name - Tanja/Tanya/Tania/Thana....- because...not sure, immersion?? Even though they don't have my personality or back-story at all usually lol...thank the gods. xD)

RACE: Wood Elf (Sceltrfloc.)

AGE:21 (Will be around 25 by Poe2 or somethin'?)


ORIGIN: Deadfire Archipelago. 


PERSONALITY: Aggressive, Cruel, Passionate, Honest. 

"ALIGNMENT': Chaotic Evil. 

ORIENTATION: Homosexual (AKA Lesbian)




Pros: Straightforward and honest, brave, strong, loyal (would not sacrifice a companion for whatever reason for example.)

Cons: Below average intelligence, rash and impatient, sadistic, defensive, obsessive when it comes to 'love'. 


Background below; -----


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Hmm....i'm not sure i'm a 100% satisfied with this background...too detailed? I need something shorter which still fits her character....any ideas? :D 


Also, come to think of it, writing it down now, think i want a name with a special meaning for her....hmm.





Bertha - (BER-thah) - i like this name. Means famous. 




Bertha was born into a life of poverty, her mother Trisha hoping from one abusing relationship to another. Eventually, Trisha meet a somewhat wealthier men (human) who treated her fairly at first. After the marriage however, things changed, and as it turned out, he was just as bad (if not worse) then her previous lovers. They had a stable income now, though the men was cheap and wouldn't have afford either Trisha or Bertha many material pleasantries. 


When Bertha turned the age of five, Trisha wanted a fresh start so she left her daughter and husband behind, dispersing one day. 


Bertha would usually spend time in nature observing animals and other creatures at work. At her teenage years, as she observed a bear and a rabbit being devoured by it, she realised she doesn't want to be the weak one any longer. She took a wood-chopper's axe from the wilds and used it to murder her abusive stepfather. She now had a taste for blood, but she wanted more. Being short on material goods, she came to long for money. 


For a time being, she intimidated and stole on her own, being quite proficient at it despite her size. Eventually, she caught the attention of a group of raiders, and they took her in as her own, sharing the profits while allowing her to have a warm bed, plenty of food etc. 


Despite the group being 'evil' to everyone else, they were surprisingly good to one another. Unlike regular raiders, they believed in being loyal to your own. It wasn't long before the group turned into an organisation. They called themselves 'Blood Hunters', terrorizing towns and villages, stealing and murdering, causing chaos loud chaos wherever they went. 


The Blood Hunters fell because they were not too bright however, and managed to caught the attention of an army. With no real leader or superior (as they didn't believe in authority) to guide them, most of them were put in jail, only a few managing to escape justice. 


Bertha was one of the lucky ones who managed to escape. Wandering for a while as a thief, bully and a murderer, she eventually heard tales of a small town called Gilded Vale....there, as it was cheap, she thought I'd be the perfect place to begin making her fortune a new.


Update: gonna use the name 'Thieda' that means brave, instead of Bertha. Because well..come to think of it, Bertha sounds like an old woman's name. Lol! 


Plus, feels a bit closer to me, but is distant enough at the same time, if that makes any sense......xD



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