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Movies You've Seen (or would like to see) Recently

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Maxim - Classic sci-fi Dune getting reboot


Apparently Denis Villeneuve is planning to take on a reboot of Dune now he's wrapped up Bladerunner 2049


Old news, but still super excited about it. Just got back from seeing Magma live who were supposed to score the Alejandro Jodorowsky version that never happened, so just sayin', it'd be lovely to give them the chance to share their bit for this again (not that it'd happen but oh well, it's nice to dream a little).



They would only work in a Jodorowsky interpretation of Dune, but very cool to daydream about none the less.



I'm not so sure about that. I think their compositions have the right amount of alien and spiritual in them to fit the source material to a tee. With the right conductor doing the arrangements for it, it could make for a wonderful mix with the source material and Villeneuve's sensibilities.



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Buzzfeed - The World's Most Famous Actor You've Never Seen

I've long known who Doug Jones is, I bet buzzfeed wasn't expecting me when they wrote that article! HAH!

I'll raise you one. Met him, spoke to him, got his autograph and a big ol' hug. Super nice guy.
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