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help accumulated too. many cards offline



hello i came accrros an huge problem that made me unable to play the game on my tablet Ipad2

i went on vocation at my grandma with no internet and i accumulated 324 cards , when i arrived at the end game screen to remove/add cards from my caracter deck i cant do anything and the game crashed i tried at least 15 times to retry but i cant do anything, i cant play at all now, i like the game a lot and im sad that i cant play anymore

yugo0364 #3153



thank you for any support response


an huge fan of this game yugo

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I noticed the same thing when showing this wonderful game's mechanics in a bus to a friend as an introduction into the rules of card version. The Stash did not clear out after the game (as I was playing offline) and I did not find any way to clear it - screw the few gold coins that would be earned by their banishing on-line. Sadly it seems that you have pinpointed the issue with that - memory usage that prevents the game from being played. I honestly do not know if devs or support can help as these cards must be (from the absence of any internet connection) stored only locally, at your device. And if the program cannot run at all...

One way to solve it could be erasing the cached memory of your application or in the worst case reinstalling the app. All your progress that was achieved in the past should be stored with your google play / other social network connection that you use. I never tried this - I stopped playing PA offline immediately due to the risk of insufficient memory, but these things might help.

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