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About the July 12 Q&A livestream

q&a news mechanics updates

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Didn't Josh say there was a Fighter subclass called Devoted, which is "devoted" to one weapon type? It's been a few days since I watched the stream and I noticed it hasn't been added to the subclass thread (which has become bloated AF and probably OP can't easily dig through all the posts from people debating what they want instead). Did I imagine this? Or was he just talking hypothetically, anyone know?

Well, that's the nature of internet threads. They get sidetracked upon sidetracked to the point they lose their initial purpose. Εκφυλίζονται.
About the Q&A, yeah, Josh mentioned something like that, though he didn't said much about it.
At this point, seeing how often we get updates and what they usually are, I believe we'll get the most meaningful of those when the game gets close to beta, which is gonna be sometime in (north hemisphere) winter, I hope, if they stick to their scedule.
I asked on tumblr about devoted as well so theres a bit more info there


Cool; although I think it's better to wait for a full sub-class official update, since the subject is so big.

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