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After PoE and Tyranny, you want to see what kind of fantasy settings that Obsidian create?

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With the release of season 2 of The Expanse over here in the UK on Netflix, I would like to add I would love Obsidian to do a game based on this.  It's like my perfect sci-fi!

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The Noblewoman from 1700s Revolutionary France

  • The Socialite
  • weapon: Instead of waiting around for her head to get chopped off by an angry mob, the Socialite became proficient in weapons for self-defense such as fencing with a duelist sword (short-medium range) and flintlock pistol (medium range)
  • Perk: (I'm actually having trouble coming up with a perk for her, please help!!)



Perk: Mocking - The sharp tongue of the socialte was always a double-edged sword. With Mocking she can attract the attention of her enemies, so they may attack her and not her companions. Hopefully her sword didn't get rusty.


Okay now ... where is the Kickstartermoney for this :D?


You and me, Harry Easter, let's copyright this s*** up right now. Someone get Brian Fargo on the phone, we've got money maker in the works. But in all seriousness thank you for the compliment! :D

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