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White March II ending dialogue options are bugged



Problem: In the end of White March II, when we talk to the Eyeless, there are dialogue options available that shouldn't be there, and some of the reactions contradict the choices made earlier:

1) You can say that Aloth is with the Leaden Key, although he hasn't confessed it yet, because this is stiill act 2.

2) I convinced Maneha to keep her memories, but the dialogue progresses like I made her forget

3) I didn't help Knights of the Crucible to build the forge knights, but the Eyeless say I did (I helped them a bit, but then switched to the Dozens)

Also the "strike the crystal" message doesn't disappear during the scripted interaction (see the screenshots).


How to recreate: load the attached save, pick someone to strike the crystal structure, play through the scripted interaction until the Eyeless confront the Watcher, then pick options about forgetting the past (2-3), they will bring up the options to ask Aloth, Maneha, and the reaction about the Knights of the Crucible.



1. Save and the logs.

2. Screenshots.

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