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Bug: characters stuck, part of inventory missing





I'm playing in the White March, currently exploring the Foundry.

I hadn't played in a while, my save was from a month ago (June 9. says Windows). Everything worked well the last time I played.





_Some graphics/animations are missing on characters.

_Some characters (mostly Eder and Maneha it seems) randomly become stuck. Once stuck, they will not move at all when getting a single or party move order. Getting the rest of the party to the stairs and trying to change levels does not work ("you need to gather your party" error). They will not attack, even ranged. Even if still able to move, they don't initiate combat (if stealthed with a mob in range). They do take damage.

Loading the save makes them able to move again, but they (Maneha at least) get stuck again as soon as combat starts.

_When opening the inventory window (I), the center character pane (with armor slots and character visual) only shows all white.

_When opening the character window ©, some active effects list " *missing item*"



Windows 7 64 bits

Steam version of the game with WM 1&2 installed.




_Save from before the issue (June 9)

_Quicksave from today while the issue is happening.

_Output log from after closing the game today.



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