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[BUG] 3.06 - Going Between cipher buff interrupts recipient



Yep so, just cast a buff (Going Between) from my cipher to my main tank, and I interrupted her.

Cause you know, she was shocked to receive a buff.



Screenie below.

Edit: oh great, I'm not allowed to use this image extension.

Fine, then, open it yourself :






And yeah, I realize I ducked up and named my chanter "Danifae Yauntyrr" when the Bae'queshel bard is actually Halisstra Melarn ; I'll correct that once my main char hits a new level.





While we're at it, am I the only one to think it's irrevocably retarded that monsters queue up to get to your main tank, when :

1/ there's plenty of room for everyone

2/ there's a whole party in the backline waiting to get rekt


Because the 3 spiders you see in the back, they're not getting into position.

No no, they're static.

They're waiting to engage my MT.

Because they're nice like that, queueing up.







Quenthel eventually becomes Matron Mother of First House Baenre, replacing Triel.

We never got around to learning whatever happened to Triel though...



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