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I'm having an issue with the game I'm currently in where the armor that I'd like to use won't give me the option to bury/banish to negate damage.  It seems that I would be able to use the armor in this condition, but only discard is showing.  Is this a bug?  I've attached an image.  


Also, in the scenario attempt previous to this (same adventure), I was took damage and had discarded Summon Monster as damage, which made Summon Monster go off, instead of using it for a damage point.  Is this correct?  Either way, I could not move on from this as all the prompts to advance my characters turn were not showing or, when they did show, not responding.  


Steam app





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Can't access the link right now, and this should probably be in the Technical Discussion threads, but a couple of notes.


1. Bugs are entirely possible. The Summon Monster situation you described in particular seems bugged.


2. If you have used an armour to adjust the combat check (like "Reveal this to add 1 to your dexterity check"), you cannot use the effect of an armour to block damage, because you have already used an armour for the check. "One card type per check" rule comes into play there. Just making sure that's not the problem here.

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Valeros has Heavy Armor proficiency, so you Discard the Invincible Breastplate to reduce all damage to 0 instead of Banishing it.  The app should be letting you Recharge it if you wish, but that's not what you said was the problem.  It'd be covered by what Yewstance said above about playing multiple Armors, though.

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That's because the invincible breastplate discards to reduce the damage to 0.  Read the card.

You can use the 'Mark Solved' button beneath a post that answers your topic or confirms it's not a bug.

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Bumping this.


Armor cards clearly read that proficiency is required to bury rather than banish, however the banish button doesn't appear when the player isn't proficient.


Non-proficient users should be able to banish the card to negate damage.

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