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Hi Obsidian ! Let's make a deal :


Since we haven't reached the 4.75M Stretch Goal for "Sea Monsters & Fishing".

BUT, went pretty close to it, having raised roughly about 4.7M.


So, for the lack of these missing 50K....  You could just cut out the Fishing part & give us Sea Monsters ?


What do you say ? Deal ? 


After all, 200k were raised for that goal right ?  :bow:




PS : The wait is....... HYPING.

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I wouldn't be surprised if there were sea monsters involved in random CYOAs or random events while at sea (possibly quest related). They've already mentioned various shipboard events involving crew and other things.

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Obsidian already confirmed that there will be sea monsters. The goal was for more sea monsters. Given that we don't know how many sea monsters there would have been and what "more" means, it's quite possible they will indeed do exactly what you're asking.

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Well, we kinda know how many monsters they would have add, regarding the Update #19.

  • Kraken
  • Polpovir
  • Helwater Crabs
  • Maiden of the Depths

So yeah, anyway, I kinda expect them to give us a surprise. Depending on how the Game Development is going, like :

Are they good on schedule, stuff like that, I think we might expect some sort of : "Hey ! We decided to give you those Sea Monsters we talked about during the Campaign" announcement, maybe this E3.

Because, since they're going to the Event, it's obviously to show the game but maybe to reveal some spicy things ! 


It's only guessing but, I think Sea Monsters might still be a thing for the Base Game.  :bow:

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I'll assume we're getting at least one Kraken because of a certain encounter in WM2. And it's a good bet we'll encounter the monsters in that ingame book, maybe with the exception of Leviathan. So those are pretty good, even though it's a bummer we won't be getting the one-eyed kraken and maybe no maiden of the depths or helwater crabs. IMO those should come in an expansion, along with a dwarf companion.

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I think I played around with this same thought in another thread... the compromise would be that... example time... Obsidian had maybe planned 10 monsters and, well, not reaching the goal 100%, maybe they can instead plan for 3 or 4 repeating monsters (different color schemes but generally the same type of monster, random encounter). Fishing doesn't even have to be part of it. And the monsters doesn't have to be "unique" or "rare" in any way or form, just simply... "There's monsters in the ocean and sometimes you can encounter one" type of thing~ and pirates, soldiers, factions, etc. etc..

Just a random encounter type of thing.

Best way I could compare it would be an old-school Final Fantasy Behemoth. A monster, part of the Random Encounter Table, often encountered in the last dungeon or in a difficult area.

But then again, cramming them within one region might be a bit borish as well, and happening upon them too often could be a bit of a bore as well (if you're unlucky with random encounters). Perhaps a few "Moby D's" would be cool, tracking them down, fighting a fierce battle, the monster retreating/escaping, and you chasing after. Or maybe even in worst case (for you) it shipwrecks the Player...


Shipwrecks the Player on a desolate island and gives you a King's Quest/Space Quest alternative ending (Scripted Event type of thing). "After the battle, the Watcher woke up on a small tiny island with but a single palm tree" *page turns* "It wouldn't take long until the Watcher starved to death" *skeleton*

A homage to the Fallout & Baldur's Gate "Game Over" skeleton :p

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