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What are other backers going to put for your name in the credits?

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I was just going to put my name but it seems like you can put a small message in there as well. What do you guys think?


Edit: This is the first time I've backed something so Im new to this stuff.

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Given that it's the credits, I doubt that they'd want more than just your name, and there are going to be LOTS of backers on there.


As for what to put in, whatever you're comfortable with, I've seen some use their real names, some with a real name plus nickname/internet name, some with just their internet handle.

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Just put my name.


Someday, I'll end up in the credits of ALL the Isometric RPGs!

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It is human nature to seek culpability in a time of tragedy. It is a sign of strength to cry out against fate, rather than to bow one’s head and succumb. Inevitably many will fault the hands upon the sword which felled Typhon, the Ordo Malleus. But the Inquisition merely performs the duty of its office. To further fear them is redundant; to hate them, heretical. Those more sensible will place responsibility with those who forced the hands of the Inquisition. With some fortune, they may foster this hatred into purpose, and further rule their own fate by coming to the Emperor’s service.

Yet ultimately, it was I who set these events into motion, with a single blow from my hammer, God Splitter.

-Gabriel Angelos, of the Blood Ravens 4th Company

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