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Trial of Iron last save question

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Apologies if this has been previously addressed, but not having much luck with the search function. Currently am playing Trial of Iron and have reached the point where I can enter the Pit, though I have a few outstanding character questlines and all of the White March to go.


I understand that Trial of Iron mode only allows one save game, and have read that in this mode, the final pre-Pit autosave before the endgame is overwritten during the course of finishing the game in the dungeons below.


But most of this information is from posts dated 2015, so wondering--Is this still the case, that is, if I want to play White March or other unfinished content with my Trial of Iron party, should I plan on doing so before jumping in?


Thanks very much for anyone who can help me with this. I would very much like to complete the main storyline before playing the expansion.

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I bet this is still the case.

So if you want to do WM with that party, either do it before jumping into the pit; or make pre-pit save, copy-paste it to another location, do the pit content, then bring that save back.

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Thanks! That's an excellent idea about copy/paste. Much appreciated.




Edit: Actually, since Trial of Iron overwrites its save when you exit the game, don't think there's any way to copy/paste. If anybody has any further suggestions, they're very welcome.

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In trial of Iron mode, once you jumped inside the pit, you cannot go back because it will not generate automatically the savegame "Burial Isle (PRE-ENGAME)" as it usually does when you are not on Trial of Iron mode.


Hope this helps.

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