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Update #32 - Slacker Backer Totals and Backer Portal Changes

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Hello again, backers and fans! We have a few updates for you today, starting with our Slacker Backer totals.
Slacker Backer Totals
Sadly, today is the day where we stop counting Slacker Backer funding towards our stretch goals. At 5PM PDT our game will officially be 'content locked', meaning that no new content will be put into Pillars II. Here are our totals:
  • Fig Slacker Backers - $124,940
  • Backer Portal - $172,986
The total amount of money we received from Slacker Backers was $297,926, bringing our grand total to:
We didn't hit $4.75M, which means we didn't make our Sea Monsters & Fishing stretch goal. However, we'd like to thank you for all of your contributions to this campaign. Because of you, Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire is possible. We promise to make Pillars II an amazing sequel that will immerse you in breathtaking new environments and present you with brand new adventures as you journey through Eora once again. Thank you, from all of us here at Obsidian!
Backer Portal Changes
Even though our Slacker Backer funding no longer counts towards stretch goals, you can still back through Fig and our Backer Portal if you want to get backer rewards or add-ons! New backers (i.e. anyone who makes a new backer pledge after May 12th) will still be able to contribute to the overall campaign total up until we begin pre-orders for Pillars II, which will happen at the end of this year.
Starting on Friday, May 12th at 5PM PDT, some of our reward tiers will no longer be available. These include:
  • Create A Super-Pet
  • Create an Inn
  • Own An Island
  • Build a Pirate Party
  • Top Backer
Additionally, also on May 12th, reward prices will increase by about 20% for new backers only. Here is the updated list of prices and tiers available:
  • Digital Download - $35
  • Premium Digital - $54
  • Physical Box - $70 + S&H
  • Ultimate Digital - $79
  • Complete Pillars Bundle - $95
  • Early Access + Credits - $115
  • Early Access + Credits + Box - $125 + S&H
  • Collector's Edition - $175 + S&H
  • Elite Collector's Edition - $240 + S&H
  • Signed Elite Collector's Edition - $299 + S&H
  • Name a Pet - $599
  • Create an Item - $899
  • Portrait IV - $2,250 + S&H
  • Create a Spell - $3,500

Most Add-Ons will also increase in price slightly, starting May 12th.

Those people who have already backed Pillars II and confirmed their pledges on our Backer Portal may modify their pledges at any time, without increased reward prices.
Fig Slacker Backer Ending Date
If you're interested in becoming a new backer and want to contribute through the Fig site, you will be able to do so until Friday, May 12th at 5PM PDT. At that time, Fig Slacker Backer funding will be turned off, and you will need to back through our Backer Portal instead of Fig. However, you can still come to Fig for any updates and news we release!
Backer Surveys
In other news, we are finalizing surveys for our $500+ backers who are creating content for our game, and will be sending out those surveys and emails at the beginning of May. At the same time, additional surveys will be sent out to everyone who will have their name in our credits. Thanks for your patience, and we can't wait to hear all of your awesome content ideas!
Thank you again for all your support. We couldn't do this without you!
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We didn't hit $4.75M, which means we didn't make our Sea Monsters & Fishing stretch goal.


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Hello watchers! It was a long journey but I'm sorry to know that for less than 50k we didn't reach the last goal (Ydwin was out of reach). I don't care much about fishing, but the part of sea monsters and their hunting I find them fundamental in a setting shifted between exotic and mysterious seas.

Now, I know that budget is budget and from you is better to be clear from the beginning (rather than unpleasant things happen as it has been recently), but considering that you have 4/5 of the amount needed to reach the last goal, you Obsidian could propose a sort of poll, where all backers can choose between fishing and Sea Monsters? What do you think?

So one of the two can be carried forward (I hope sea monsters) without you being uncovered economically in the realization of both. A simple vote poll between the two reserved to those who funded the game, doesn't seem to me a bad idea...

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Shame about the stretch goal but I trust you guys to make the best of the budget and deliver a great game. Cheers!

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I'm not worried.

There's a good chance that Fishing and Ydwin will be part of an expansion. look at Zahua: before he was known as "Forton" in early builds of the game and then he was scrapped. he returned in "White March - Part 1" as the Zahua that we know: our favorite drug-fueled monk.

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I am very excited for the stretch goals we did make! I can't wait to build my fleet and customize it. Hopefully this leads to a titanic ocean battle with Eothas! 


Help. I just had the weirdest thought...


A huge fleet of thousands of ships vs a huge god of light - titanic ocean battle. What is this, Alliance fighting a Reaper in Mass Effect? And then when all hope seems lost, 5 watchers from all over Eora gather together: it's morphin' time! A huge Magran/Ondra zord counterattacks Eothas in a spectacular duel. Then the player takes control over the zord and fights it Mortal Kombat style, with a possible fatality at the end.


...it's on...

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It would be of small avail to talk of magic in the air...

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Additionally, also on May 12th, reward prices will increase by about 20% for new backers only.




I've learned about the recent price increases in the Steam forum and then also discovered the 20% increase on the backer portal.


As I've been playing with the thoughts of becoming a slacker backer, now this won't happen anymore.

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