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Completed Challenge - Did not receive gold nor progress towards weekly challenge



General Info~

  • What device type are you on? Android
  • What version of the OS are you running? Android 6.0.
  • What model is the device? Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge
  • What is your PFID#? (Located in the settings menu) 5789F12FE10679A7


Yesterday I completed the challenge to reduce 5 incoming damage (something like that) however I did not receive the gold immediately or otherwise for collection. I also did not receive any progress towards the weekly challenge which requires you to complete daily challenges, it's still sitting at 0/3.


I'm attempting the challenge today to see if it happens again, will update post with the outcome.


Edit: Outcome was that I completed the challenge and the weekly challenge is now at 1/3, however I did not receive any gold for the completion of the daily challenge and cannot collect it either.

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Dayly challenges Are not collected. They become automatically. You only have to collect weekly challenges.

But as you did see, sometimes They Are not updated immediately. Starting the app as you did remedies normally those UI problems.

I understand that the daily challenges you don't need to collect, however I haven't received either set of gold from yesterdays or todays challenge even after soft/hard resets of the app and phone. (Have been watching my gold count)


Also - the weekly challenge is still sitting at 1/3 when it should be 2/3 completed due to the daily challenges that were completed yesterday and today. Not that it matters hugely at this point as there's still time to complete it but just seems odd that yesterdays challenge did not register for the weekly challenge.

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It also happens to me from time to time. Sometimes either the game or the servers desn't recognize the "action" being completed  but in that case progress is not updated. Dont' call it a day and consider the challenge broken, do something else for a couple hours and retry the challenge later. 99% of the time it happened to me, had no issues by the time I retried.


The reduce incoming damage challenge can be cleared in a couple minutes tops unless really unlucky (or actually "too lucky") with the location cards, so no big deal having that issue once when there are many other challenge where this issue takes a much greater toll (the "clear 25 banes" or "clear 2 scenarios in X dificulty" challenges, for example, those require much more time to complete and the challenge not updating is much more irritating).

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