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Where on earth is Patch - has the game been abandoned

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Well we all are speculating here.

I'm not speculating here. That would be a pointless exercise and is a significant part of my complaint about your posts. I am asking a question in the form of an "open post to OBS" in the (apparently vain) hope that they are paying some attention to their fan/customer-base. Given the response that we've had from them, I think that I've probably had my answer and that it may well prove to be the answer that I feared (now ​that​ is speculation).

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McCrispy, I respect you as a person, but you need to take a chill pill. <3


I think we're all in agreement on the same basic points. It sucks that Obsidian isn't doing anything with the property, it sucks that Obsidian is silent on these boards, and it sucks not knowing for sure whether Pathfinder Adventures will ever hit Steam (and, consequently, whether any of the other adventure paths will ever get made).

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That's my hope too. I'd just like a little more reassurance that something real is going to happen. Currently, the players and the people who have paid to support the dev team's activity are being ignored.


Flounder had always been the most frequent Developer on these forums. I hope he hasn't been let go or moved to a different project. Where are you, Flounder?



I'm still around!


I will be making a blog post of all the stuff that we have been doing to for the last few months but I have to wait until the "Big Announcement" has been made.


I will say, though, that there will not be a patch because that content has been merged with 1.2.6.


Sorry I can't give more information at this time but  when I am allowed to say official things I will make sure there is lots of pretty pictures and stuff.



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What was the change when the game went from 1.0.x to 1.1.x? Anyone remember?

1.0.3 to 1.1.3 brought the phone UI and a couple of other game changes. It is a semi-major update for sure, but I'm not betting on a new campaign unless there is rumbling about pathfinder v1.2.7 or 2.0.


Eliminating quest mode and introducing a PC UI might be what is in store to justify a point release. I've got a couple other speculations, but those two are feeling pretty likely.

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Agreed: if 1.0.x to 1.1.x was the phone UI then 1.1.x to 1.2.x isn't going to be anything ground-breaking (though I'd love to ditch the emulator and move completely to Steam for all my Android games). I'll go into sleep mode until the end of May when I'll probably spin up an update for this thread asking where 1.2.6.x is ;)

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Ah! 1.2​.6 now that is​ interesting news. Sounds like a new Campaign to me (needlessly and pointlessly and indeed somewhat ironically, speculating). What was the change when the game went from 1.0.x to 1.1.x? Anyone remember?


The versioning is basically below.  It is subject to change but when we were dealing with Live releases and patches at the same time it was an easy way to determine what the patch would contain.


Version = A.B.C.D.E


A = Box Set

B = Platform (0 - Tablets, 1 - Phones, 2 - ???)

C = Deck

D = 1-4 bug fixes, 5 is Content, 6+ bug fixes to content

E = Rare but it means there is a lot of issues that is part of content update


So mccrispy, what you are looking for is, 1.2.7+, or 2.2.1.  That isn't to say 1.2.6 won't have new content...

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I really hope that there will be enhanced Commadore 128 version. I always am disappointed when the extra potential of 128 has not been used to full extend. C128 versions of ultima 5 and Geos Are prime examples of well done C128 versions...



(As you can see, here is bitter old man who newer had C64, but C128... you have to understand :)

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It's funny, this thread exists because OBS said "we'll put out in..." and that date was missed by a country mile. Now they've gone all shy about posting dates. I guess they've learned something, but it's a bit late now to reverse the policy. A simple "Q3 estimated date" would do. Then when it arrives in Q2 we can all be pleasantly surprised :D

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Maybe so ;)


The team did try to predict the releases in the very Beginning, but this game turned out to be a beast of it self and then we have had. "Announce only when something is actually released."


After that I have expected news when something has already been released. Make my life much easier!


ARG sound just nice :)

Aaarrghhh. Would sound even better ;)

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