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I was reading JFSOCC's post about why he/she (sorry don't know you gender :) ) didn't finish the game (here's the link: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/92127-i-never-finished-pillars-of-eternity/) and at some point he/she complains about hating combat because of its score.

Although I liked combat music and didn't got bored of it, I understand why it can become annoying being 3-4 tracks and combat encounters being all over the place.


So, wouldn't it be agreat thing if the sequel has unique music tracks for specific encounters and even places?

Like if Cancelhaut had his own music only during wis combat encounter or if Raedric's Hold had its own score as an entire area? I believe this is going to make parts of the game more memorable.

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An increased dramatisation of the narrative and combat via more varied sound and music would certaily be appreaciated. But, then again, this aspect is often underdeveloped in games and can be quite subjective.


But then again in Deadfire with the pirate and seafaring themes - there are a lot of opportunities to draw from other media and art to not have (e.g.) the same battle music all the time.
I'd be very surprised if there aren't more different themes for let's say fights between ships/seamonsters/...

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