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Suggestion: Include Discovered Traps in Path Finding?

traps pathfinding ai gameplay

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Larian Studios have a great coded solution in Divinity: Original Sin, might be business secrets or whatever, but are Obsidian and Larian friends? *wink wink*

I don't think you understand how game programming work. That's like saying Harley Davidson has a great exhaust system on it's motorcycles, maybe Ford could us it on their cars.

Of course. My point was that in Divinity: OS the followers of the main controlled character avoids hazardous areas (you can notice this very early in the game).

Yeah, but Obsidian and Larian being friends would have nothing to do with it. It's a question of whether it fits the design of game, and whether Obsidian can come up with an AI solution that's better than the alternatives.

Sharing knowledge about a piece of code in a game is not like trying to use a motorcycle part in a car. It's more like explaining how the motorcycle part works and then using this knowledge to build one that's fitting your car.
I'm pretty sure that OBS wouldn't try to copy & paste code. :)

I think it's pretty easy to exclude traps from the walkable area. Once you detect the trap it gets highlighted. This highlight sprite gets added to the scene and has a component (for example Collider2d in Unity) that prevents the player from stepping onto it. You could even play a special animation when going near to it. The trap itself has a collider to trigger the trap when you step on it, I presume, pretty simple. It would be like covering the trap with a seal - or like putting a chest or a man or any solid object on top of the trap so you can't step onto it.

You could also exclude the highlighted area from the walkable navigation mesh (NavMesh). But since those are baked most of the time it seems to be more complicated.

So, pretty easy to implement I guess. I can't say which other problems this may cause (blocking or something), but you could script or design around that I think.
Maybe they'll do it if we ask nicely.



You're right about the code but that's not what Osvir appeared to be saying, to me at least.


Anyways, I think more than anything this isn't a question of whether Obsidian could do this, but rather if they should. While I myself am ambivalent on the question, I could see valid design reasons for Obsidian not implementing such a solution. But that's just me.

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