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[MODDING] Editing Constant Recovery and Ancient Memory duration

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Hello! I'd been wondering - it wasn't always like this, was it? I've been looking for a way to remove the 45s duration and make both of these abilities (and their respective upgrades) last throughout the fight until combat ends. Asset editing is... harder than I thought, honestly. If there anyone more well-versed that could gimme a hand?

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I'll tell you what.


We were promised modding ability during Kickstarter for PoE, and "modding ability" is what we got.


It sucks so hard nobody ever made much more than portrait packs or the now deceased IEMod but hey, be happy...



Yes Obsidian, it's you I'm flaming here.


You better not duck up Modding in PoE2 or we're gonna have a problem.




Edit: let's use the word Duck instead, seeing my original one won't be accepted.

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