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Should Obsidian include a renaming option for Multiclass Titles?  

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  1. 1. Should Obsidian include a renaming option for Multiclass Titles?

    • Yes.
    • No.
    • Maybe, if it doesn't divert attention from more important features.
    • They shouldn't bother to name the combinations to begin with.

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I think they shouldn't let us rename because the names will become part of the world. Even if npcs won't recognize our multiclass (they hardly ever recognized the single class in poe1) class names are part of the universe and you need consistency to create an immersive universe. Would you rename items and talents aswell?


Either way it's not a big deal for me and hopefully it is something to easily mod

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Even if npcs won't recognize our multiclass (they hardly ever recognized the single class in poe1) class names are part of the universe and you need consistency to create an immersive universe.


Actually, the precedent from Pillars 1 leans far more toward diversity in class naming conventions than consistency, as has been noted multiple times within this thread. Rogues, for example, appear among enemies by various titles: Scouts, Sentries, Skirmishers, Thieves, Backstabbers, Assassins, etc. Chanters from different groups/faiths go by names as well: Preachers, Galesingers, Shanty-singers, etc. By the same token, there are monks with titles ranging from the generic/uninformative (e.g., Acolyte) to the highly group/faith specific (three guesses where Tidalfists show up, example). 


Indeed, group/culturally based variation in terminology has plenty to do with making settings immersive. Though it's a fairly moot point in this context given the relative lack of interest in this idea.


Would you rename items and talents aswell?


Maybe; I'm not terribly interested in going that far myself, but given differences in characters' cultural origins, fighting styles, and so forth, it's not as though the idea is absurd on its face. In particular, people name/rename items all the time in real life and fantasy alike. Things could get confusing with talents, but that's a different situation since it's much more important to have clear expectations of their specific mechanics. Multiclass combinations by their sheer number of options are bound to vary in execution to a far greater extent, so the idea of sticking them under singular designations isn't a strict requirement by any means. 

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I dont see the big deal it could be a cool option. for those that dont want to change then don't. For other giving you character special name would be fun.

You character already has a special name though.  Literally it is their name, no one else in the game will have it.  And arguably a special title as you are a "Watcher", and the "Lord of Caed Nua" (well you used to be :D).  Do you need a special class name too?

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how the heck did this get necro'd?


well, as it were our suggestion in the first place, am gonna be in favor o' customization.  am not sure what is concern with the base class names as some kinda hurdle.  a ranger/rogue would still be a ranger/rogue regardless o' whether it has a title of pathfinder or scout.  every enemy ranger/rogue in the game could be identified as a pathfinder and am not seeing why it would make a lick o' difference if on the player's character record sheet one could alter and substitute pathfinder title with scout. am suspecting the Only place in the game where such a name customization would appear or be relevant is on the player's character record sheet/window/tab.  bob's character would still be identified as a ranger/rogue, but he gets to alter title to scout as 'posed to pathfinder.  


yeah, obvious if you allow customization o' everything it could gets mighty confusing, particular for new players attempting to learn a complex new system.  bob went ahead and changed spell names and talent names and ability names and now when he goes to wiki sources or on-line guides he cannot make any sense o' what his character is able to do. in addition, make many such customization opportunities is asking for something to break... and this is a stoopid kinda thing to be devoting any kinda resources to.  one extreme limited customization opportunity is nevertheless gonna be breakable, but is far easier to track down and fix if is a unique naming issue.  also, as is simple a title, is not gonna cause genuine confusion.  bob's ranger/rogue is gonna still be a ranger/rogue; only the largely meaningless title for the combo is gonna change via customization.


given the developers has expressed difficulty coming up with so many unique names, and recognizing how some significant % o' players will inevitably be disappointed by final obsidian naming nomenclature for all the possible multiclass combos, allowing the player to customize their own multi-class combo would appear to be a relative elegant solution to an admitted extreme minor potential problem. 


for folks who believe a multi-class name customization feature is a terrible feature, the solution is obvious: don't use the customization feature. 


assuming is an easy fix, am having difficulty seeing a genuine downside. given all the input we has seen on these boards and elsewhere for the multi-class namings, is an issue folks is actual, and disproportionate, concerned 'bout.  have a simple solution to make everybody happy?  how can be bad? 


HA! Good Fun!

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