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​With these tags I expect at least a little traffic, so, for newcomers.

Campaign​ (Read me! Human advert!)

I'm discussing suggestions and philosophizing about design:

It looks a bit like it might have more features than simply being a map you travel across (Information, Population, etc. "Eothas mad!!" -1000 Population, change of Faction ownership and whatnot maybe even, source).


​World Map/Global Turns/Global Timeline
A discussion on Fig got me thinking... and about Readceras as well...

​Basically, how do the people of Eora communicate at long distances? Telepathy? Soul sharing? Or are Gods the operators? When Eothas is reborn, he texts everyone at the same time "I'm back"? Or other Gods pick up on it and warn their followers? How does it function?

​Let's say that they don't. It's medieval times, you have to send out runners and messengers, by horse, or bird messenger etc. it'll take weeks, months, before any decision is made.

A Board Game World Map. With Global Turns, or perhaps "Global Timeline", and Faction AI taking in-game turns at the same time as the Watcher moves on the World Map. So it'd really​ become "Hunt​ a God", even on the World Map. What I'm really wondering about is what could be done with Mid-Game Turns and Late-Game Turns.

​This is just an example to give a general idea:
​Turn 1: Eothas wakes up. Takes a walk through Defiance Bay.
​Turn 5: Dyrwood refugees arrive.
​Turn 8: Eothas arrives at Nekataka. Huana sends messengers to Rauatai.
​Turn 9: Watcher arrives in Deadfire. Eothas leaves Nekataka.
Turn 11: Rauatai arrives at Nekataka.
​Turn 15: Eothas destroys a village.
​Turn 20: Readceras arrives.
​Turn 1'000'000: Eora blows up.

​The Player would be able to completely ignore or intercept and act how they want. It might also not be 100% obvious "Here it is" pointers, but more or less random events occurring all around you as you travel on the World Map (because detective work and looking for clues is fun. Tracking down Eothas would be badass more than "Here I Am" on the World Map, even if he would just be patrolling A to B). Invisible Random Encounters essentially.

EDIT: Sunless Sea is also a great example:


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