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Combusting wounds is a little gem of a spell, ive heard alot of people say that its useless but its totally not. For example with wizard with maxed out blast and high intel, hit alacrity, minor blights, then cast combusting wounds on the mob cluster and they attack them with kalakoths, its actually silly OP.

Good with barbs too tho.

Yes sounds great but my party has no wizard :(


Otherwise I tested raedric's keep with "MaxQuest formula" and it's a lot easier


1. dual wield DPS Barb really wipes clean the trash and keeps high HPs (with regen of course, gaun's share flail and +50% heal)

2. tank paladin is barely hit and can save the squishies with lay on hands while engaging 2 ppl

3. Cipher kills a lot, charms paralyses, even if a bit slower with breastplate, dies less ;-)

4. Druid does real punishing dmg in bear form, and also got heavy armor to counter his low HPs


Cipher and Druid are slower with heavy armor but they are much less chased. In a big opened area it's really easier, and at the contrary of a shock point 2 ppl wide, the Druid can hit for real. He could of course use a weapon with reach but I did not find a good one yet, and it won't work in bear form.

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Glad you liked it)


It's a matter of preference:

- fix character survivability weakness

- or maximize his power, and look for a survivability solution elsewhere.


Personally for me... works best maximizing character's points forte, while making other team members compensate for their weaknesses. That's the reason I was advocating dw early.

I once started with a frontline consisting of tank pal (1h+shield), tank barb (1h+shield) and cipher (1h+shield). But already by level 4 I have switched barb and cipher both to sabre-dw and was just solving all my survivability problems or inequality in health drop via crow-control means.


In your case cipher is ranged, through.

Btw, since he is in breastplate now; you can try to give him arquebus (or even blunderbuss) for awhile (mostly for early, early-mid game, until you get gauntlets of swift action and are ok with lighter armor).

That's because reloading weapons dps doesn't suffer that much from armor penalties. And also because casting of Eyestrike, Whispers of Treason and Mental Binding specifically, is not as much hindered by heavier armor like regular fast/average spells.


the Druid can hit for real. He could of course use a weapon with reach but I did not find a good one yet, and it won't work in bear form.

You can give him Durance's staff. Also... I understand that you took the bear form because of the extra 2 DR which is great early. But if you will respec in the mid/late game, you can also give Cat Form a try, because it attacks x1.5 faster, and iirc they both hit for the same damage (correct me if wrong) so the dps will also get x1.5 higher. (plus there is also Cat's Flurry)


Btw, from lvl 9 onward, you might want to try Embrace the Earth-Talon for the benefits it gives to both your barb and cipher. Barb's burst will get doubled because of petrify bonus, and so will cipher's focus gain.

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