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Well, I know this is quite trivial and that I can easily test it, but perhaps I can get a quick answer here. So, during the Council of Stars quest you pray to the gods and you have to tell them the right words, or else they summon monsters to attack you. Either way your praying conversation continues and the quest progresses. My question is, does it benefit me to answer correctly or not? Do I get more xp perhaps? I'd like to kill more monsters instead, for xp, for loot, for fun... :) But I am not sure about the potential rewards xp-wise. What's the difference in those two approaches then, anyone knows?

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I tried it:

First spawn was spectres and shades

Second some water blights

And third something labeled Wolfes - But looking like Werewolfs, six of them. My level 13 monk was crushed away by the second one of them. Totally unbalanced. The first did not even gave xp.



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