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Would be good to see heroes current decks BEFORE choosing new card feat

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After you successfully complete a scenario where your heroes earn a new card feat (i.e. You get to select another type of card to add to your deck) it would be great if we could see each hero's current deck of cards BEFORE picking a new type of card. I know I did this a lot when I played the tabletop game. Sometimes by looking at your deck you realize, "oh, I need to add a item slot, etc". However, in the virtual game, I see no way to do this (I have to make a best guess remembering what each hero has which can be tricky if you are playing several heroes and are picking up new items during the scenario).


Can anyone tell me if there is a way to do this in the virtual game? If not, OBSIDIAN, could you add this capability??


Thanks for reading.

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