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Save Bug. Found Bad File Can't Remove It



So I'm suffering from that "Save Bug" that gets seen a lot. I've tried all the fixes I've seen on this forum to no avail, but I think I see my problem. When I delete the "TempSaveData" folder in(Users\UserName\AppData\Local\Temp/ObsidianEntertainment\PillarsofEternity) there is also a zip file there named "loadedSave.zip" which I also delete too. It's from a save dated a few days back when I started playing the game. I have since uninstalled several times and deleted all saves and all anything Pillars of Eternity related from my computer. Looking to just start the game with a fresh character. But after deleting those two said files every time I boot up PoE, I see the TempSaveData folder require but I also see the loadedSave.zip file require as well. The one that is dated from a few days ago, of a save I no longer have. I know it's an old save because in the zip there are png files and I can see the pictures of the character. 


I believe that is what isn't allowing me to access saves for some reason. How can I make this file not reacquire every time I start up the game. It's from several days ago from a save that doesn't exist. I've turned on and off the Cloud Sync on Steam and nothing is working. I really really really just want to play Pillars of Eternity! Please help me Anyone-Kenobi, you're my only hope! Thanks! 


Also, I'll attach the .zip file that keep reacquiring, maybe it will help? 


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