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I'm not sure if this was answered before. Basically there's a very high quality model of Eder in 3D on the figstarter page screenshot. Is that model going to be used in-game? I'm asking this because this model does not match the in-game comparison of Eder in PoE and PoE:Deadfire. The one that Eder is smoking with his pipe. So what  is this  highly 3D model of Eder for? Is it just for concept art?


I assume it's the inventory paperdoll.

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So what specs do you need to run the game? Will linux still be supported?


Feargus answered this today: requirements unchanged from Pillars 1.



Even back then, it didn't take much to run, so most cellphones should be able to run the new one now. ^_^

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Graphics look significantly improved yes but I am a bit curious about performance. Given that It is going to be streaming/loading type and with this more detailed maps, lighting and all. I guess we can only find out during beta.

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