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Can a red hostile NPC can be turn green as friendly

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I was playing PoE today in Path of the Damned mode with Trial of Iron and I am in Defiance Bay in the Goose and Fox inn, I was doing the quest for trading illegal herbs, so the Doemenel gang entered and I chose to defend the Gareth (NPC), during the combat I use some AOE spells and Gareth got hit and Doemenel Wizard did the finishing blow but all the sudden all the NPC got mad with me and turn red.  :banghead:


Since I am in Trial of iron mode I cannot load the game, but I was able to sneak out of the bar to avoid further conflict, now my question is if those NPC will turn green after some time or reset if I advance to another ACT through the game?  ;(


Thanks in advance for any good reply about my current issue. :blink:

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Oh - now I see that you're from Costa Rica. I once spend a 6 week vacation there, it was beautiful. Very nice people, too.


Costa Rica was the no. 1 (out of 9) on our "wishlist" for our next posting in summer. Now we got Romania (which was no. 2) - also great.  :)

Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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Indeed our country is nice one. 


About my concern never mind. My party were killed when I am going into Elmshore area.. Damn Adragan with his dominate and Returning Storm turned the battle against me. 


RIP my Main character Athanasi Wizard Elf  ;(

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