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Finally getting an item seems like such a great thing but after I went through my treasury I ran into a bit of a conundrum:


Nothing I have available really excites me for the Paladin. You only get one single card, so what should it be?

Many of the usefull utility options are already covered by the abilities or spells.


So I wonder how is it for you? What is your Item of choice, or did I even miss something obvious?

Getting a strengthboost to offset the loss of one point melee feels a bit weak to me.

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A Belt of Physical Might (+2 to Str, Dex or Con) is a nice option, if you're up to AD 6. Or before that, I like to give her a set of Masterwork Tools to help her deal with Dex-based barriers that she otherwise has trouble with due to only having a d4 Dex die. 

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Masterwork Tools are fantastic for someone who A) sucks at barriers, and B) often wants to go into locations that have 2-3 barriers. I'd also note that there is nothing wrong with giving Seelah the humble ol' Spyglass. Sure, her ability provides scouting, but after you explore, it's nice to use a spyglass to squeeze more out of her scouting power. For example, if the card order is monster/boon, then you can switch it to boon/monster to get the boon to go away. Or not, if it's a valuable boon you don't want to lose.

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In quest mode, the amulet of inescapable location is pretty good. Seelah probably won't make the recharge check but there's a chance to catch the villain or henchman if it's one of the first 6 cards


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