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Positioning of game objects in the POE

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thank Google translator!

I apologize in advance for the poor knowledge of the English language.

I created this topic in order to get advice.
Now I'm doing a thesis which is developing the game on UNITY. in search of information I came across a development diary "Pillars of Eternity Update 79: Graphics and Rendering". I realized that I am not familiar with the necessary technical part of this great game and wanted know how they make this(if can). How developers make positioning of object on 2D background, so character can move behind other object's like home or tree(but in video clearly see purple road, what character use for moving)

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The whole Background is one rendered image. I got tuched up to look nicer, and got a few animated elements, namly the fx_fireflys in your pictures.

The big animated grass landscapes got cut, i think they trashed the performance completely.

The pink surface is the nav mesh, and its mostly not drawn to best accuracy. But for how exactly they retained the depth / order of the flattened objects a developer should answer.

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