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Mission 6.4 progression break w/ avalanche



I'm currently stuck in a progression break. The avalanche barrier was on top of the deck. After defeating it, i was prompted to pick a reward type (scenario 6.4) but then the avalanche disappears and I can't progress. It shows a face down reward card in the top right part of the screen.


I took screenshots on my iPad but I can't upload them because they're bigger than 1mb each apparently.

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It's not Avalance-related; Had the same issue in 6-4, after beating one of the henchmen, I would select the boon and the game would freeze (the henchman card burns away and the screen is now empty, but no arrow or whatever pops up, nor an option to close the location appears; can't play any cards either). Tried both VRT and restarting the game completely - both did not help. Had to forfeit.

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