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Known Issues: Patch 1.1.6

Aarik D


Hey everyone, 


Here is a list of current known issues in patch 1.1.6 found by the QA team and you guys! As we find more bugs, we will update the list accordingly. Thank you all for your hard work! 


Known Issues


Major Issues

  • Morgiv: Encountering the ally Morgiv in deck 6 will trigger a chain of weirdness that culminates in most cards from character's decks being wiped.  We have a fix internally and are working on a patch.
  • Android: Some android users cannot load the game post patch.  We're aware of the issue and are working on a fix.
  • RolesRewards: There is a progression break when acquiring Roles when there is more than 1 character in the party.  Fixed internally.
  • Zombie Horde/ZombieNest: When defeating the summons, the barrier stays on top of the location deck instead of being banished.  Fixed internally.
  • Haunts: Upon defeat, haunts are returning to the location deck instead of being banished. Fixed internally.

Other Community Reported Issues

  • Dice: Dice can sometimes roll off screen and provide a value of 0 to the check.  We have not been able to reproduce this internally yet, but are investigating.
  • Lini: Animal Empathy is not recharging allies. Fixed internally.
  • Merisiel: Inspired Dexterity is not recharging blessings
  • New Booster Drop Rate: The new boosters were dropping at incorrect values Fixed on Live.
  • Special Offer: Rolling All the Way was granting incorrect items.  This has been fixed.  Anyone who has purchased the offer and not gotten the correct items should contact support@obsidian.net to get the proper items granted to their account.
  • Quest Mode: Card Feats are being granted for every level, and can eventually lead to a progression break


  • Boots of Teleportation: If used prior to your first explore, you will be unable to move or explore the location (unless a card granting an explore is used).
  • Cape of Escape: Evading a villain's summon can make the villain encounter abruptly end.
  • Cannibal Haunt: When encountering the Cannibal Haunt, you cannot change your mind about the location you'd like to banish a card from.  Choose carefully!
  • Dominate: Spell is behaving as an Examine instead of a Search.
  • Emerald Codex: Playing a card from the codex vs a Warchanter-like can get the examine tray stuck on screen.
  • Hidden Beast: The BYA check doesn't update to the correct die when playing a dexterity weapon.  To work around, manually change the check from the Skill Panel.
  • Runeforged Weapons: The support card gained at the end of Deck 5 isn't being removed upon completion of Deck 6.
  • Robes of Xin-Shalast: If played after taking 2 damage, if you drag the card back to hand after recharging 2 cards for damage, you'll have to discard the robes
  • Stampeding Aurochs: If Undefeated check is incorrectly hitting only characters at that location
  • Summon Monster: Characters without the Arcane or Divine trait cannot recharge the card.
  • Occluding Field: When encountered by multiple characters, the original character will have a die on screen if they can perform the evade
  • Booster: Venomous Bolt: Incorrect text on buttons when prompted to recharge and recharges at end of turn instead of end of encounter.


  • Weekly Challenge: When completed, the completion bar on the in-game popup doesn't appear to update.
  • Weekly Challenge: Brawling in a wintry wonderland shows a reward of "150".  The actual reward is a treasure chest
  • Daily Challenge: Daily challenges are automatically being rewarded upon completion when they award gold.  (Contrary to the last patch where we forced them to be picked up).  Currently, there is no in-game indication that this gold has been awarded.


  • Lini: If you use Animal Trick, then activate Beast form and discard the ally revealed by dragging it, the wrong die will be added to the check
  • Seoni: Magic in the Touch incorrectly auto-succeeds on items cards that should be either discarded or buried (as opposed to recharged or discarded)
  • Frostfire Seoni: It's possible for Frostfire Blast's cold trait to apply to base Seoni's powers.
  • Scholar Ezren: The unowned version of his token art is lower resolution than token icons


  • Fiery Core: When rolling the die or viewing them idly on out-of-scenario screens, occasionally a red orb will float across the screen.


  • Warchanter-likes: Evade spells with the attack trait do not properly trigger the "when you play a spell" power of Warchanter style monsters.  This affects the deck 6 spells Bewilder and Dominate.


  • Garrison: Encountering a Warchanter-like at the Garrison when multiple people are present can sometimes result in damage being dealt incorrectly


  • Roles & Power Feats: If a character in the current party has maxed power feats, any new power feats awarded will be skipped.  This will also skip acquiring roles.
  • Potential Power feat Loss with Alt Switching: When power feats on an Alternate skin, then gaining a second back on the base version, sometimes a power feat that should be available on the character will be unchecked.  Powers will function fine in practice if this is part of a "tree" of power (Arcane Blast, for example).  You can, however, select one of the versions that you already acquired (or had by default) and the game will allow you to proceed, effectively making you lose out on that power feat reward.


  • The Road Through Xin-Shalast: It is possible to have Ghlorofaex empty a random other location when closing the Temple
  • The Road Through Xin-Shalast: It is possible to close the Town Square without banishing cards
  • The Road Through Xin-Shalast: It is possible to gain a second attempt to close locations that summon to close


  • Dice Purchases: Sometimes when purchasing dice, all categories except the Bundles will disappear.  When this occurs, exit and reenter the store to display the dice again.


  • Dice: It is possible to have the dice salvage art appear on dice that aren't salvaged.


  • Unable to interact with cards in the examine tray: Sometimes, you will be unable to interact with cards in the Examine tray.  The Examine tray is the tray that opens to show your character Deck, Discard, and Bury piles.  It can cause progression breaks if you're forced to perform an action and have no means of exiting that action.  We're still investigating the cause.
  • Character Selection: When dragging characters to form a party, some will not leave behind shaded icons
  • Character Sheet: Power category names do not update to new power names for Alternate characters that have power updates (Merisiel, Seoni, Amiri, Lini, Ezren)
  • Card Selection: Harsk and Forest Harsk partially overlap Lini if adjacent on the Card Selection (Deck building) screen.
  • Party Creation/Load screen: Character tokens displayed on parties do not reflect their alternate skins.
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Hi I cannot play now on either quest or story. I've given up on quest, but now story bugged after I encountered a harpy monk and now no matter what I do (forfeit, restart, restart phone) now I cannot explore. No card pops up and no dice pop up. Regardless of scenario or location or character. No more pacg :-(

There was an answer (temporary) to quest bug in other thread: you need re-install app, then last quest resets. And you would need to either delete high-level chars (15+), or simply not use them, so the bug is not triggered again. As I said - it is a temporary solution, but solution nonetheless.


P.S. Theoretically speaking, harpy monk bug should be resetted as well, but don't know if it will be, and anyway it will be only till the next one.

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I leveled up in quest mode. Now I cannot continue. It gives me multiple screens where I normally level up my characters. Except I cannot add to the decks of the barbarian or the cleric. Close. Remove and reinstall. No dice. What's next?

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I leveled up in quest mode. Now I cannot continue. It gives me multiple screens where I normally level up my characters. Except I cannot add to the decks of the barbarian or the cleric. Close. Remove and reinstall. No dice. What's next?


They have a fix that is being tested, AFAIK.




We have a fix for this, it is currently in testing and will be out for the next patch.

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Since the update some BYAs which require a check do not appear to be applying their effects correctly. Cards with issues I have encountered include:

  • Black Fang (does not inflict acid damage when check failed).
  • Goblin Cutpurse (does not bury a card when check failed).
  • Faceless Stalker (does not increase difficulty when check failed). Also reported independently here: forums.obsidian.net/topic/91056-bugs-in-adventure-2-scenario-5-angel-in-the-tower/
  • Rogors Craesby (does not increase difficulty when check failed).
  • Yeth Hound (does not increase difficulty when check failed).
  • Attic Whisperer (does not deal damage when check failed).
  • Goblin Snake (does not increase difficulty when check failed).
  • Dorella and Hookmaw Kreeg (do not deal electricity damage when check failed).
  • Longtooth (only inflicts 1fire damage whether test is passed or failed).
  • Courtyard Location (does not deal damage when check failed).
  • Harpy Monk (neither restricts weapon/spell usage nor moves character when check failed).
  • The Black Monk (does not increase difficulty when check failed).
  • Hound of Lamashtu (does not increase difficulty when check failed).

Note that the Sneak does behave correctly, forcing a discard when the check is failed. The Bunyip seemed like it did, increasing the difficulty of the check, but the last time I encountered it it did not..

I believe they were working correctly prior to this update.

Orik Vancaskerkin still has an issue when defeated but the Charisma check is failed. A second Charisma check is required, which has no effect whether passed or failed, but no dice are provided for the check. A blessing card must be added (then optionally removed) to perform the check.

Playing on iPad Air 2 with iOS 10.2.

Edited by Assussanni
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I've written to support about the Harpy Monk problem. None of the fixes I read here worked.


I'm new here... Do they address and resolve these issues? There are so many...

Well, they do. But not as you think. This is not a troubleshooting per se, this is a gathering of bugs, which later are fixed via updates.


P.S. About Harpy Monk... The trouble with them should have been rectified with this update (patch

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The is an infinite loop fighting hounds at Underneath Sandpoint which needs to be rectified.

. I've come across this with multiple banes. Anything that seems to trigger a check for all present seems to just keep looping around and around. It would have seemed a fairly simple fix to make and AND if statement checking to see if they have already made the roll.
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