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Morgiv the Enshrouded dialog restarted scenario with banished hands

Best Answer StormbringerGT , 21 December 2016 - 06:47 PM

Starting an official list here. Please read the directions carefully.


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Damn! Am I glad that I decided to start a new game from scratch (trying to optimize some of my character/deck builds a little more) before heading into Scenario 6... Guess I'll just go back to playing Fallout 4 in my spare time until we've gotten another patch or three...



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I posted m'y pfid before, but I post j'y again because I complete the list of vanished cards.


Merisiel 14 cards :

- 4 weapons : Force sling +3 ; Black arrow longbow ; Venomous dagger +2 ; Venomous heavy crossbow +2

-3 boons : Samisen ; Staff of minor healing ; Belt of physical might

-2 allies : Shalelu Andosana ; Father Zantus

-5 blessings : Blessing offre Gozreh (*2) ; Blessing of Erastil (*2) ; Blessing of Nethys

Kyra 16 cards :

-2 weapons : Karzoug's burning glaive ; Mokmurian's club

-4 spells : Holy light ; Augury ; Scrying ; Major cure

-2 armors : Magic full plate ; Demon armor

-2 boons : Greater luckstone ; Emerald codex

-2 allies : Brodert Quink ; Shaman

-4 blessings : Blessing or Lamashtu (*2) ; Blessing or Abadar (*2)

I stopped play just after this bug. That was during "Samsung Mhar massif" (6-3) in heroic mode.
I make a new game after, but the save still.

Grenat thanks to you.



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You may wish to post pfid's & card lists to the thread started by Stormbringer instead of thus one so they're all in one place. Also important he mentions that he can't see party grouping so if you have more than one version of a character he needs to know which one lost the card.

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