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AMD Ryzen


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Zen3 and production starting end of this year according to Ian Cutress. May well be part of a simultaneous rebrand to Zen3+ though. That and the DLSS equivalent should really improve the gaming performance of their APUs.

Didn't see it mentioned, but I presume that it will get used for GPUs as well at some stage, given them looking at MCM and having such a large cache on the 6000 series.

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Kinda sucks that the just announced APUs are still using Vega graphics. I'll be looking to replace my lappy sometime in the not too distant future and I might replace it with a NUC, miniPC, whatever you want to call it, since I just output to a monitor in my truck anyway, so I don't really need a screen. An APU is conducive to a small form factor device, but Vega graphics ain't gonna cut it for 1440p. AMD is obviously capable of making an APU that can handle 1440p, since the PS5 and xXxBOxXx exist, so hopefully they release an APU with RDNA2 to the public soon.



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Funny really, Sony, MS and Samsung will all have RDNA based 'APU's before AMD itself releases one to the public, Samsung's in something as small as a phone.

I'd kind of presume the 5000 series desktop APUs are stopgaps for a Zen3 refresh- there may not be much point going RDNA2 with the integrated graphics if they're just going to choke on insufficient cache and shared DDR4 RAM. The stacked cache and (maybe) DDR5 support should move any bottleneck out a bit. They may also want to avoid people trying APU raytracing until there's more bandwidth, that performance will not exactly be great even in perfect situations.

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Be waiting a long time for them to make Radeon cards though, after what happened with XFX.

Looks like there may be a 12nm GloFo Zen3/ RDNA2 APU produced. That would certainly be a good fit for low cost Athlon desktop/ cheap laptop and embedded solution. It also makes a cheap RDNA2 based Polaris replacement more likely, though there are still potential problems there the 5500 was just plain too expensive for its performance and 7nm prices have only risen for the unreleased '6500'.

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