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Im gonna hit POTD for the first time... latest game version

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So i am thinking a min-maxed party of  6 moon goodlike barbarians ?




max might, dex, resolve, min con and int, dump the rest in per

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Min INT on a barb is usually a bad idea. Especially if you want to use the best barbarian ability of all, Heart of Fury.


Usually I'd go for low RES and DEX and high MIG, PER and INT.


I have done a six barb party back in the days when disorienting and interfering debuffs stacked - it still wasn't too much fun. This party composition lacks ACC buffs, nowadays also debuffs and CC - and those are the most important things in PoE. While one barb can be a lot of fun, six are not really for me. Not even five or four. Once you hit lvl 11 and pick HoF and use it with the right weapons and talents/abilities one barb usually is enough and more HoFs would be overkill.


One priest with five barbs would def. be more powerful than six barbs. Barbs need ACC buffs and also disabled or debuffed foes to be awesome and the priest can provide both. Besides that he can give your barbs a great INT bonus, letting you hit a lot more enemies with carnage.

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